Boyce Thompson Arboretum and The Views at Superstition Wedding | Regina & Joe’s Wedding Story

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Regina and Joe‘s Arizona wedding and reception happened on a beautiful autumn day in November of 2012. Yes, I am just catching up on our blog posts that I needed to put up. There are so many I want to share with you all, now that I am ‘trapped’ in the scorching heat of  this balmy 122F Saturday:-). Glenn and I so enjoyed photographing this sweet couple’s wedding. Joe has a love for wildflowers and Regina pulled off elegant DIY touches that you will see  throughout the photos. The most memorable moment about this wedding was the spectacular sunset we were blessed with just before their grand entrance. Such beauty captured forever with our lovely couple on the best day of their lives.

Here are a few things they shared  about themselves and their experiences:

How did you two meet?
A mutual friend of ours, who was leading worship at another church, asked Regina to sing. Joe was playing electric guitar at the same church.

When did you guys know you were right for each other?
Regina- I knew because Joe was always there for me and really supported me through some of the worst times of my life.
Joe- I knew when Regina took care of me when I was really sick and told me to not worry about a thing.

What made you choose your particular vendors?
We chose our vendors through preferred vendors lists, people we knew, recommendations from others (bridesmaids), and through researching places we thought we’d love and visited in the past. Everyone we met and worked with were absolutely fantastic and had our best interest in mind. Everything was executed perfectly and it was because of our vendors. (Boyce Thompson Arboretum, The Views at Superstition, Got You Covered DJ, The Wild Iris, Straight to the Plate, Lisa’s Rum Cake, Azteca Bridal, and LightRain Images of course!!)

001BoyceArboretum_TheViews 002BoyceArboretum_TheViews 003BoyceArboretum_TheViews 004BoyceArboretum_TheViews 005BoyceArboretum_TheViews 006BoyceArboretum_TheViews 007BoyceArboretum_TheViews 008BoyceArboretum_TheViews

What made you decide on choosing LightRain Images as your photographers?
We saw them first through the preferred vendors list from The Views. We had been calling and researching several different photographers and just didn’t find what we wanted in terms of price and the quality of photos. After we found LightRain through the vendors list we decided to take a look at the website and see if we liked the photos. We were very impressed at how they didn’t wash out any of the photos which would mean that the wedding dress would stand out, and how they captured some special moments from previous weddings. The colors were very rich and the lighting was great in a lot of the photos. After we met we realized how amazing this couple seemed and how they really seem to work well together. We were very confident in them as our photographers and the photos turned out great!

009BoyceArboretum_TheViews 010BoyceArboretum_TheViews 011BoyceArboretum_TheViews 012BoyceArboretum_TheViews 013BoyceArboretum_TheViews 014BoyceArboretum_TheViews 015BoyceArboretum_TheViews 016BoyceArboretum_TheViews 017BoyceArboretum_TheViews 018BoyceArboretum_TheViews 019BoyceArboretum_TheViews 020BoyceArboretum_TheViews 021BoyceArboretum_TheViews 022BoyceArboretum_TheViews 023BoyceArboretum_TheViews 024BoyceArboretum_TheViews 025BoyceArboretum_TheViews 026BoyceArboretum_TheViews 027BoyceArboretum_TheViews 028BoyceArboretum_TheViews 029BoyceArboretum_TheViews 030BoyceArboretum_TheViews 031BoyceArboretum_TheViews 032BoyceArboretum_TheViews 033BoyceArboretum_TheViews 034BoyceArboretum_TheViews 035BoyceArboretum_TheViews 036BoyceArboretum_TheViews 037BoyceArboretum_TheViews
038BoyceArboretum_TheViews 039BoyceArboretum_TheViews 040BoyceArboretum_TheViews 042BoyceArboretum_TheViews 043BoyceArboretum_TheViews 044BoyceArboretum_TheViews

045BoyceArboretum_TheViews 046BoyceArboretum_TheViews 047BoyceArboretum_TheViews 048BoyceArboretum_TheViews1

Now that you have joined the ranks of married couples, what advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding with your own unique perspective?
Take your time, space out everything so you don’t overwhelm yourself at the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and if you do, make sure you are particular about what you want in case they don’t do it how you want it done. You can be particular without seeming too demanding. Focus on spending your money and time on the things that matter. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make it your OWN. I heard lots of comments when making everything about how it wasn’t “elegant enough,” but at the end of the day everything turned out the way I wanted and the guests seemed to enjoy it all.

Thank you so much Regina and Joe for trusting us with your precious memories and sharing your experience with us. May your days always be filled with sunshine and happiness!!~ Lilet & Glenn

The Wedding Team:

Ceremony venue: Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Reception venue: The Views at Superstition
Bridal Wear: Azteca Bridal
Catering: Straight to the Plate
Florals: Wild Iris Weddings
Cake: Lisa’s Rum Cake
Entertainment: Got You Covered DJ
Photographers: LightRain Images


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