Best Wedding Photographers in Phoenix

July 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

The photography team at LightRain Images was pleasantly surprised last week by one of our brides posting an article on our Face Book news feed showing that LightRain Images was named one of the 10 best wedding photographers in Phoenix!  It was a nice surprise and an honor to be recognized by The Top 10 Best Wedding Vendors.

We are not sure of the selection criteria or exactly who owns this on-line magazine, but we were not solicited for an ad, so we might as well enjoy the honor to be ranked along side other wonderfully skilled photographers.  :  )

Now, back to post production, Photoshop and graphic design work making our clients look stunning in the breathtaking backdrops we love photographing. 




Reverend Paul(non-registered)
Congratulations! LightRain Images. Keep up awesome working :)
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