Kati and Ryan's Engagement and Wedding Photography at Different Pointe of View, Phoenix

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It was a beautiful, cool and cloudy day at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix and Kati was preparing to walk down the aisle to tie the knot with Ryan.  They chose A Different Pointe of View, the famous five star Phoenix restaurant high atop the Hilton resort with spectacular views of the valley of the sun, sunset and the city lights.  Kati and Ryan wanted to take full advantage of the spectacular views of the afternoon and evening and have their guests enjoy the wonderful Arizona spring weather. 

Great wedding and engagement photography was very important to Kati and Ryan and we had the opportunity to custom design their guest sign-in book for their wedding using their favorites from the engagement shoot.

Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement

Kati chose the whole purple family of colors for her wedding motif, succulents for flowers and a gorgeous heart shaped backless, lace dress.  The couple chose to have a private and very romantic first look at a pretty narrow walkway leading to the restaurant where Kati revealed her beautiful wedding gown. Kati and Ryan couldn't have chosen a more breathtaking location with its gorgeous panoramic view for the ceremony, cocktails and reception. The clouds cleared for a spectacular sunset and the view of the twinkling city lights and the wedding party and guests danced the night away to their favorite music. To top the night off, Kati & Ryan did a walk through the scenic patio overlooking the city with their guests and everyone waving sparklers and cheering for the new married couple.  It was another glorious, successful wedding to remember and we were so honored to be a part of it.  Congratulations to the newly minted Mr. & Mrs. Roths!
08_Favs-040_RothsKR-0425201508_Favs-040_RothsKR-04252015 09_Favs-006_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy09_Favs-006_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 10_Blog-Collage-143870452745710_Blog-Collage-1438704527457 11_Favs-015_RothsKR-0425201511_Favs-015_RothsKR-04252015 12_Favs-019_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy12_Favs-019_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 13_Favs-022_RothsKR-0425201513_Favs-022_RothsKR-04252015 14_Favs-055_RothsKR-0425201514_Favs-055_RothsKR-04252015 15_Blog Collage-143870555045115_Blog Collage-1438705550451 16_Favs-068_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy16_Favs-068_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 17_Favs-071_RothsKR-0425201517_Favs-071_RothsKR-04252015 18_Favs-093_RothsKR-0425201518_Favs-093_RothsKR-04252015 19_Blog-Collage-143870429140719_Blog-Collage-1438704291407 20_Favs-083_RothsKR-0425201520_Favs-083_RothsKR-04252015 21_BG-051_RothsKR0426201521_BG-051_RothsKR04262015 22_BG-063_RothsKR0426201522_BG-063_RothsKR04262015
23_Favs-159_RothsKR-0425201523_Favs-159_RothsKR-04252015 24_Favs-120_RothsKR-0425201524_Favs-120_RothsKR-04252015 25_Favs-107_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy25_Favs-107_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 26_Favs-110_RothsKR-0425201526_Favs-110_RothsKR-04252015 27_Favs-114_RothsKR-0425201527_Favs-114_RothsKR-04252015 28_Favs-133_RothsKR-0425201528_Favs-133_RothsKR-04252015 29_bouquet29_bouquet 30_Favs-138_RothsKR-0425201530_Favs-138_RothsKR-04252015 31_Favs-148_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy31_Favs-148_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 32_Favs-145_RothsKR-0425201532_Favs-145_RothsKR-04252015 33_Blog Collage-143870427243833_Blog Collage-1438704272438
Blog Collage-1438715476130Ceremony Strings QuartetAllegro String Quartet 34_Favs-196_RothsKR-0425201534_Favs-196_RothsKR-04252015 35_Blog-Collage-143870412785135_Blog-Collage-1438704127851 36_cer-226_RothsKR-0426201536_cer-226_RothsKR-04262015 37_Blog Collage-143870490242037_Blog Collage-1438704902420 38_Favs-278_RothsKR-0425201538_Favs-278_RothsKR-04252015 39_Favs-286_RothsKR-0425201539_Favs-286_RothsKR-04252015 40_Favs-314_RothsKR-0425201540_Favs-314_RothsKR-04252015 41_Favs-321_RothsKR-0425201541_Favs-321_RothsKR-04252015 43_Favs-291_RothsKR-0425201543_Favs-291_RothsKR-04252015 44_cake44_cake 45_Favs-344_RothsKR-0425201545_Favs-344_RothsKR-04252015 46_Favs-354_RothsKR-0425201546_Favs-354_RothsKR-04252015 47_Favs-357_RothsKR-0425201547_Favs-357_RothsKR-04252015 48_Favs-360_RothsKR-0425201548_Favs-360_RothsKR-04252015 49_Favs-371_RothsKR-0425201549_Favs-371_RothsKR-04252015 50_Favs-326_RothsKR-0425201550_Favs-326_RothsKR-04252015 51_Favs-327_RothsKR-0425201551_Favs-327_RothsKR-04252015

42_Ryan & Kati42_Ryan & Kati

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Traci Fox, A Different Pointe of View

Venue:  A Different Pointe of View

Wedding Flowers, Decor & Favors:  Jonni Gilbraith, Mother of the Bride

Invitation:  JWD Paperie

Bridal Dress:  Allure Bridal from La Bella Bridal

Tuxedos:  Men's Wearhouse

Make-up and Hair:  Kensington

Officiant:  Mike Kennedy, Wedding Ceremonies

Caterer:  A Different Pointe of View

Cake:  Lara Coleman, A Different Pointe of View

DJ:  Ray the DJ

String Quartet:  Allegro String Quartet

Wedding Photographers: Lilet & Glenn Hamp, LightRain Images





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