Engagement Photography at Canyon Lake

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Marissa and Mark chose the beautiful and rugged Canyon Lake area to have their professional engagement photography session with LightRain Images photography.  We love collaborating with our clients to capture them in the best possible light and in an environment that says something about them, their interests or simply an area with backdrops that they love. We also encourage them to wear clothing that makes a statement about them and their lifestyle.


Canyon Lake, just east of Phoenix, Arizona is nestled in the beautiful mountains, cliffs and boulders near Tortilla Flats.  Surrounded by desert flora and fauna we imagined the distant howl of the coyotes beyond the numerous saguaros and cacti.

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Needless to say, the beautiful backdrops of the couture desert and lake were endless and we had a great time exploring the views of the lake, including the south side bluffs, the old steel truss bridge and the beach on the east side.  Marissa and Mark brought a change of clothes and some cool cowboy boots which were the perfect shoes to wear in this western desert environment.

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It was nice at the end of the shoot to dip our feet in the cool water of Canyon Lake on this warm summer evening. Even the moon made a spectacular appearance against the dark blue twilight sky.
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