Most Interesting and Beautiful After Wedding Photography Session – 10 Years AFTER!

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Many brides and grooms have a photography session AFTER their wedding day.  This session is more playful and relaxed because the stress of the wedding day is over and there are no longer hundreds of eyes focused on their every move.  The time constraints of the wedding day are over as well so it allows more creativity and more spontaneous ideas as the photography progresses.   These sessions have been called Trash the Dress and some brides go a little too crazy, in our opinion, rolling on grass or even mud! We don’t think a bride should risk damaging her precious wedding dress like that, but we do love it when they are willing to do adventurous, creative things in unusual places, like float in the water at the beach or dance like no one is watching!

Fun loving and athletic, Candy and Chad are the type of couple that we love to photograph!  Their 10th anniversary was approaching and because they loved their LightRain Images wedding photos so much, they asked us to capture a creative after wedding photo session.  Candy wanted to get back into her gorgeous wedding dress and relive some of the wedding magic, but with a more creative adventurous twist.   Being avid wakeboarders, they wanted to incorporate their favorite sport and their favorite vacation spot on the Colorado River in Laughlin Nevada.   What an incredible idea it turned out to be!  






After photographing the couple on a little secluded beach and capturing a beautiful sunset and gorgeous deep blue twilight, we powered up the river above the Laughlin Casinos.  Shutting off the engine, Chad and Candy got out of the boat and floated downriver with the spectacular lights of the casinos as a backdrop to their watery playground.  What a glorious, fun and exciting shoot!  We captured hundreds of photos for their anniversary “after wedding” photography session.  The more we did and the more they saw the results in camera, the more Candy and Chad said "Wow! Let's try this. And "What about if did that?" 

We love collaborating with our clients to provide more than a great, high quality photography session, but also a spectacular lifetime experience. 

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