Jennifer and Ambar’s Southern California Dream Engagement Photography

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ENG-AB321bw_MattaJA08012015ENG-AB321bw_MattaJA08012015 It was an amazing and enchanting afternoon and evening photographing Jennifer and Ambar with some beautiful backdrops in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles.  LightRain Images, a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, loves collaborating with client couples to find the type of locations and backdrops that capture the essence of who they are and what they are all about.  We have a passion for storytelling and we believe the engagement photography session is a big part of a couples love story.  Enjoy the images below and make sure to check out the image created as the camera (and us) were completely soaked by oncoming waves!

01ENG-AB200_MattaJA0801201501ENG-AB200_MattaJA08012015 02ENG-AB220_MattaJA0801201502ENG-AB220_MattaJA08012015 07ENG-AB024_MattaJA0801201507ENG-AB024_MattaJA08012015 04ENG-AB367_MattaJA0801201504ENG-AB367_MattaJA08012015 06ENG-AB021_MattaJA0801201506ENG-AB021_MattaJA08012015 05ENG-AB015_MattaJA0801201505ENG-AB015_MattaJA08012015 Jennifer and Ambar will be married in December at The Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North, Arizona, but are currently living in Southern California and wanted to capture some of the beautiful backdrops of the Golden State.  We readily agreed and were enthusiastic to photograph them in breathtaking backgrounds.  We captured a wide ranged of imagery, from dreamy to fun!  It was a wonderful relaxing time and a great way to get to know Jennifer and Ambar better and learn what a great fun couple they were.  


The waves were so unpredictable, the shot below was made with my camera taking the equivalent of an ALS bucket challenge.  Thank goodness for sturdy reliably made professional DSLRs!


10ENG-GP006_MattaJA0801201510ENG-GP006_MattaJA08012015 11ENG-GP008_MattaJA0801201511ENG-GP008_MattaJA08012015 12ENG-GP025_MattaJA0801201512ENG-GP025_MattaJA08012015 14ENG-GP031_MattaJA0801201514ENG-GP031_MattaJA08012015 13ENG-GP030_MattaJA0801201513ENG-GP030_MattaJA08012015 15web-ENG-GP014_MattaJA0801201515web-ENG-GP014_MattaJA08012015 16ENG-GP106crp_MattaJA0801201516ENG-GP106crp_MattaJA08012015 17ENG-GP141_MattaJA0801201517ENG-GP141_MattaJA08012015 18ENG-WD005_MattaJA0801201518ENG-WD005_MattaJA08012015

It's now close to midnight when we were approached by security and were told we cannot take pictures on their property (simply because we looked pros with our tripod).  So the shot below was our version of "Talk to the hand.."  And with that we wrapped our fabulous engagement shoot with this sweet couple.  Looking forward to Jennifer and Ambar's wedding in Arizona with the beautiful view of the Pinnacle Peak as their backdrop. 19web-IMG_1209-219web-IMG_1209-2

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