Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two - Sangeet Party

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Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two – Sangeet Party

On day two of Nikki and Sarang’s wedding celebration, a spectacular Sangeet party was thrown at a close family friends house.  Deepika, a well-known rock star in the Indian wedding industry put together an amazing event in her gorgeous palace lakeside residence.  In addition to the fantastic décor, food and drink, there was terrific program filled with music and laughter as Nikki and Sarang were toasted and roasted by some of their closest friends and relatives.  It was great capturing all the priceless memories on photographs for the couple and families. 

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Wedding Professionals:

Venue & Decor:  Deepika Saigal residence, owner of Chateau Luxe

Hair and Make-up:  Ahseia Adina

Caterer: Chennai Chettinad

DJ:  DJ ADI, In the Mix Entertainment

Videographer:  Skyler Pierpoint and team, Skypoint Productions

Photographers:  Lilet Hamp  and team, LightRain Images


Stay tuned for the BIG day and thanks for stopping by!


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