Nikki Weds Sarang | Indian Wedding | Scottsdale, Arizona- Day One

December 07, 2016  •  3 Comments

Nikki Weds Sarang, Scottsdale Arizona – Day 1 – Pithi & Mehendi

Nikki and Sarang’s wedding festivities has been a much-anticipated event at LightRain Images since the beginning of the year.  As their event planning unfolded, executed flawlessly by her mom Shilpa and hired wedding pros, we grew more excited and couldn’t wait for the wedding week.  Here we begin with the first day of festivities starting with the  pithi and haldi ceremony in the morning to the mehendi party at night.  The bride’s beautiful home was strikingly decorated with a multitude of flowers, garlands, string lights and colored silk fabrics.  The backyard was simply enchanting, we’re sure you’ll agree.
001-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi001-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 002-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi002-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi
003-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi003-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 004-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi004-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi
006-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi006-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 30
009-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi009-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 010-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi010-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 011-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi011-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 012-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi012-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 013-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi013-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 014-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi014-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 015-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi015-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 016-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi016-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 017-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi017-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 018-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi018-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 019-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi019-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 020-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi020-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 021-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi021-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 022-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi022-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 023-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi023-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi

Mehendi Artist:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi

Hair & Make-up Artist:  Ahseia Adina

Caterer:  Chennai Chettinad

Decor:  Lupe


Seema Shah(non-registered)
It was so beautifully decorated, flawless... everything to the smallest detail was perfect.. Nikki and Shilpa looked stunning. Had awesome time doing garba. Food was delicious... Had a great time...
Shilpa godiwals(non-registered)
Glen and Lillet ....what an awsome job !!.... made my home and backyard into paradise and our kids look beautiful..... thx for a job well done
Aswin Sangita Divya and Rahul Patel(non-registered)
Looks like everyone had fun, sorry to have missed it. CONGRATS JAIDEEP AND CHANDINI
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