Safia + Alyshah | Imperial Dunes, Arizona Engagement Shoot

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Safia & Alyshah's Engagement Shoot at the Dunes

On a cold December afternoon, we ventured out to the dunes for the first time to photograph this sweet couple’s E-session.  We always love collaborating with our clients and encourage ideas to make their dream weddings and engagement shoots come true. The more legendary and epic, the better. So, when Safia and Alyshah came to us with the idea of shooting in the dunes between Arizona and California, we jumped at the chance.  It was fun (albeit a little challenging) to climb the mountains of sand, our feet sinking with each step as we climbed higher and higher to the tops of the steep and sharply carved dunes.  With the drone flying overhead, we captured these priceless moments of our couple having fun enjoying this relaxed special time looking their best in the spectacular and unique landscape.  Like the sands of time, the dunes are endlessly changing and transforming into surreal shapes by the the wind.  


Enjoy the serene, calm and beautiful scenery.  The cold weather, gorgeous sunset, the sea of sand…almost a month to the day and I am still feeling the sand in my shoes and coat.  All worth it of course! Keep scrolling for more photos :)

For the drone footage, see below:

Engagement Photography and Video in the Sand Dunes from LightRain Images on Vimeo.

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On a side note, in his preoccupation flying the drone, Glenn unknowingly dropped his phone and the sand quickly covered it, never to be found. It’s okay, it was time he got a new phone anyway. What a beautiful unique shoot that was! Now we are excited to photograph and film the wedding events of these two lovebirds this weekend!  It’s going to be amazing for sure! J


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