Olivia | Senior | Hamilton High School | Chandler, Arizona

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On occasion, we get a break from shooting weddings to shoot portrait sessions. This is a recent senior session of Olivia, a high school student from one of our local high schools, Hamilton High School. She has been in Air Force Junior ROTC and on the Drill team for four years.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking walks with her dog, and relaxing.  After she graduates this year from high school she plans to go to Rio Salado Community College to become a dental hygienist.


Q1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ten years from now, I see myself having a stable career in the dental field and starting a loving family. 


Q2. What is your favorite high school memory to date?

My favorite high school memory was going to Nationals with my drill team. 

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Q3. If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

If I was given three wishes, I would wish for a lifetime of wealth, happiness, and good health. 

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Q4. What is your definition of happiness?

My definition of happiness is being stress-free and doing something that I love doing. 

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Q5. If you were given a chance to redo high school, what would you change?

If I was given a chance to redo high school, I would play a sport, make more friends outside of ROTC, and be more outgoing.



From her answers, it looks like this young lady has a good head on her shoulders.  Good luck Olivia, we wish you great success and a bright future ahead!



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You are very welcome Julie! We appreciate you coming to us for Olivia's photos. She is one smart and beautiful young lady! We wish you all the best! Congratulations!
Thank you for your talent, professionalism, and excellent quality work you demonstrated in her photo shoot. I will be recommending your services to everyone I know!
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