Live Music at Your Wedding Sets an Elegant and Classy Mood

April 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Many of our couples wonder if they should provide live music at their weddings.  Nathan Jude, singer, songwriter from provides some ideas and reasons to consider live music. 

Why go with a live musician for your wedding/event?


  • A good live musician helps set the mood. When you hire a live musician, they not only enhance the mood by playing the right songs, they also help enhance the by playing the songs with the right tone/energy. Live musicians are able to quickly adapt from high energy to gentle and intimate. These small adjustments make all the difference when trying to create a memorable event.


  • Live musicians give a one-of-a-kind performance. Although many recorded hits are fun to listen to, your audience has heard the songs 100 times before, and will probably hear them 100 times again. When a live musician plays your event, your audience gets to rediscover their favorite songs, because they are being played differently than they have ever heard before.


  • Live music is elegant. There is a reason than the major award shows, high end events, and big fundraisers always feature a live band. Live music conveys elegance. It tells your attendees that you went out of your way to make sure that every aspect of your event was memorable. It conveys that you wanted every detail to be custom-made to fit your desired aesthetic and mood.


Contact Nathan Jude to add a touch of class to your wedding or special event. Check out his samples. They are amazingly beautiful. 

Besame Mucho (Guitar)

The Book of Love (Piano)

Misery (Guitar)

Fly Me To The Moon (Piano)



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