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Best Wedding Photographers in Phoenix

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The photography team at LightRain Images was pleasantly surprised last week by one of our brides posting an article on our Face Book news feed showing that LightRain Images was named one of the 10 best wedding photographers in Phoenix!  It was a nice surprise and an honor to be recognized by The Top 10 Best Wedding Vendors.

We are not sure of the selection criteria or exactly who owns this on-line magazine, but we were not solicited for an ad, so we might as well enjoy the honor to be ranked along side other wonderfully skilled photographers.  :  )

Now, back to post production, Photoshop and graphic design work making our clients look stunning in the breathtaking backdrops we love photographing. 



Tempe Engagement Photography

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Sedona Engagement Shoot - Part 1

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We love to collaborate with our clients and encourage interesting and unusual settings that capture the essence of who they are and what they like. On one of our recent wonderful engagement photo shoots in Sedona, Arizona, our adventurous couple enthusiastically agreed to hike to a very scenic lookout high up between two towering red rocks.   

The peaks are perfectly positioned with the gap at the correct angle for the setting sun to settle right in the chasm at this time of year making for a gorgeous sunset backdrop.  The hike was rigorous, but not too terribly difficult and was well worth it as we enjoyed the view of the valleys and mountains in the distance and made good use of the spectacular surroundings and sunset as we photographed hundred of poses and angles.  Mirah and Govind even brought a change of clothes to show off the beautiful traditional Indian wedding outfits in this spectacular scene. 

The hike back down the mountain was done carefully with flashlights, but we made numerous stops to enjoy and to photograph the billions of stars overhead.  What a great life experience for this wonderful couple and for us.  We felt very privileged to capture this unique photo session with them and are looking forward to some breathtaking wedding photography.  

Are You the One for Me? Actual LightRain Images clients explain in their own words.

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Encanterra Wedding Photography

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