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Nikki & Sarang Day Four - Reception

January 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

On the evening of Nikki and Sarang’s incredible reception, I walked into the bridal suite as Nikki was finishing the last touches of her hair and make-up by Makiaj Beauty.  She literally took my breath away as she dazzled in her stunning cocktail gown. Sarang looking dapper, sported a dashing deep blue tuxedo to match his beautiful bride.  Months of planning and hard work by the bride’s family and event coordinator extraordinaire, Event Architects, had finally come to fruition and the results were simply breathtaking! From the eight-foot photo booth backdrop of Nikki & Sarang, a photograph from the engagement session we shot in the spring of last year, to the stunning décor inside and outside of the ballroom. Check out the gorgeous details:  the elegant flower-draped wall on the stage, flower canopied sweetheart table,  the Black & White photo cake designed by Chateau Luxe’s Chef Kaushik,  the wishing tree, table décor with three gorgeously designed centerpieces to the dessert station, complete with an array of desserts and an ice cream bar.  Just before their entrance, the bride changed into another dazzling outfit. The evening went on with high energy dance performances from the couple's friends, a special song by the groom’s sister and heartfelt speeches.  Love is literally in the air as the bride and groom were celebrated by their families and friends.  Sarang and Nikki’s love was palpable as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. Guests dined on sumptuous buffets. The party exploded with excitement as 3D Sounds whipped the crowd into a frenzy as they played their music with dazzling lights. It was so much fun to see our couple as they danced with their guests and enjoyed this unforgettable evening.  We hope you enjoyed this multi-post series of this sweet couple’s multi-day celebration. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Koushik! 

Vendor information is included at the end of this post.


NikkiSarangReception002NikkiSarangReception002 NikkiSarangReception003NikkiSarangReception003 NikkiSarangReception004NikkiSarangReception004 NikkiSarangReception005NikkiSarangReception005 NikkiSarangReception006NikkiSarangReception006 NikkiSarangReception007NikkiSarangReception007 NikkiSarangReception008NikkiSarangReception008 NikkiSarangReception009NikkiSarangReception009 NikkiSarangReception010NikkiSarangReception010 NikkiSarangReception011NikkiSarangReception011 NikkiSarangReception012NikkiSarangReception012 NikkiSarangReception013NikkiSarangReception013 NikkiSarangReception014NikkiSarangReception014 NikkiSarangReception015NikkiSarangReception015 NikkiSarangReception016NikkiSarangReception016 NikkiSarangReception017NikkiSarangReception017 NikkiSarangReception018NikkiSarangReception018 NikkiSarangReception019NikkiSarangReception019 NikkiSarangReception020NikkiSarangReception020 NikkiSarangReception021NikkiSarangReception021 NikkiSarangReception022NikkiSarangReception022 NikkiSarangReception023NikkiSarangReception023 NikkiSarangReception024NikkiSarangReception024 NikkiSarangReception025NikkiSarangReception025

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Wedding Professional Vendors:

Venue:  Chateau Luxe
Décor:   Lupe Krikorian
Wedding Planner:  Seema Syed , Event Architects
Henna:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi
Hair & Make-Up:  Pooja Mehta, Makiaj Beauty
DJ:  Amit Kotecha, 3D Sounds
Videographer:  Skyler Pierpoint, Skypoint Productions
Photographer: Lilet Hamp and team, LightRain Images

Safia + Alyshah | Imperial Dunes, Arizona Engagement Shoot

January 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Safia & Alyshah's Engagement Shoot at the Dunes

On a cold December afternoon, we ventured out to the dunes for the first time to photograph this sweet couple’s E-session.  We always love collaborating with our clients and encourage ideas to make their dream weddings and engagement shoots come true. The more legendary and epic, the better. So, when Safia and Alyshah came to us with the idea of shooting in the dunes between Arizona and California, we jumped at the chance.  It was fun (albeit a little challenging) to climb the mountains of sand, our feet sinking with each step as we climbed higher and higher to the tops of the steep and sharply carved dunes.  With the drone flying overhead, we captured these priceless moments of our couple having fun enjoying this relaxed special time looking their best in the spectacular and unique landscape.  Like the sands of time, the dunes are endlessly changing and transforming into surreal shapes by the the wind.  


Enjoy the serene, calm and beautiful scenery.  The cold weather, gorgeous sunset, the sea of sand…almost a month to the day and I am still feeling the sand in my shoes and coat.  All worth it of course! Keep scrolling for more photos :)

For the drone footage, see below:

Engagement Photography and Video in the Sand Dunes from LightRain Images on Vimeo.

  002JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016002JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 003JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016003JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 004JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016004JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 005JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016005JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 006JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016006JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 007JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016007JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 008JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016008JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 009JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016009JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 010JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016010JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 011aJiwaniSAEshoot-12172016011aJiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 011JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016011JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 012JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016012JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 013JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016013JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 014JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016014JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 015JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016015JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 016JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016016JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 017JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016017JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 018JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016018JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 020JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016020JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 022JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016022JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 023JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016023JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016
On a side note, in his preoccupation flying the drone, Glenn unknowingly dropped his phone and the sand quickly covered it, never to be found. It’s okay, it was time he got a new phone anyway. What a beautiful unique shoot that was! Now we are excited to photograph and film the wedding events of these two lovebirds this weekend!  It’s going to be amazing for sure! J

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We love when our clients send us Christmas cards! :) Wishing you all the best of the holiday season!♥

Our Bride and Groom Alums: Snehal & Trusha (2006); Pat and Praz (2016) Thanks guys!!!♥♥♥

Nikki Weds Sarang Day Three - Wedding Day

December 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

Nikki Weds Sarang Day Three - Wedding Day


November 25, 2016 dawned clear and cool in classic Arizona fall fashion and the LightRain Images photographic team was excited to photograph day three of Nikki and Sarang’s Indian wedding and Baraat.  This day’s events were being held outdoor at the newly built The Garden at Chateau Luxe in North Phoenix, in the Valley of the Sun.  

Nikki and Sarang got ready at their respective beautifully lighted and spacious bride and groom suites.  The groom’s room is provided with a billiards table designed to keep him and his groomsmen happy while the gorgeous bride made the final preparations with her bridal party in their two dressing rooms.

It was mid-morning when Sarang mounted a majestic and beautifully decorated white horse and the Baraat music began to play.  A dohl drummer added to the excitement of the large crowd of family and friends who were ready to dance and lead Sarang in toward the bride’s family and the wedding ceremony.  After a warm welcome by the huge crowd of bride’s friends and family, Sarang entered the magnificent ceremony site and was seated under the beautiful mandap.

At last, the moment Nikki and Sarang had been waiting for and planning for many months arrived as Nikki, the gorgeous bride, in her incredible bridal sari was walked down the aisle of flowers first by her special male relatives, then by her father. A Hindu priest performed the ceremony and brought this beautiful couple into married life. 

After the ceremony, a scrumptious lunch was provided right at the garden for their 500+ guests with several food and dessert stations. What a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony it was! Enjoy and stay tuned for the big reception night!

001_weddingKoushikblog001_weddingKoushikblog 002_weddingKoushikblog002_weddingKoushikblog 003_weddingKoushikblog003_weddingKoushikblog 004_weddingKoushikblog004_weddingKoushikblog 005_weddingKoushikblog005_weddingKoushikblog 006_weddingKoushikblog006_weddingKoushikblog 007_weddingKoushikblog007_weddingKoushikblog 008_weddingKoushikblog008_weddingKoushikblog
For their private first look, Nikki and Sarang met at the side garden lined with trees.  This is always a swoon-worthy moment (even for us!) for our sweet couple as you can see. Don’t they make such a handsome couple? You could really feel the love and excitement!  009_weddingKoushikblog009_weddingKoushikblog 010_weddingKoushikblog010_weddingKoushikblog 011_weddingKoushikblog011_weddingKoushikblog 012_weddingKoushikblog012_weddingKoushikblog 013_weddingKoushikblog013_weddingKoushikblog 014_weddingKoushikblog014_weddingKoushikblog 015_weddingKoushikblog015_weddingKoushikblog 016_weddingKoushikblog016_weddingKoushikblog 017_weddingKoushikblog017_weddingKoushikblog 018_weddingKoushikblog018_weddingKoushikblog 019_weddingKoushikblog019_weddingKoushikblog 020_weddingKoushikblog020_weddingKoushikblog 021_weddingKoushikblog021_weddingKoushikblog 022_weddingKoushikblog022_weddingKoushikblog 023_weddingKoushikblog023_weddingKoushikblog 024_weddingKoushikblog024_weddingKoushikblog 025_weddingKoushikblog025_weddingKoushikblog 026_weddingKoushikblog026_weddingKoushikblog 027_weddingKoushikblog027_weddingKoushikblog 028_weddingKoushikblog028_weddingKoushikblog 029_weddingKoushikblog029_weddingKoushikblog 030_weddingKoushikblog030_weddingKoushikblog 031_weddingKoushikblog031_weddingKoushikblog


Wedding Professional Vendors:

Venue:  Deepika Saigal & team, Chateau Luxe
Wedding Planner:  Seema Syed, Event Architects
Florals & Decor: Lupe Krikorian
Baraat Horse: Kristin Kinney, KC's Classic Carriages Company LLC
Specialty Items: Us to U Rentals (mandap, arch, chairs, elephants, pedestals)
Henna:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi
Hair & Make-Up:  Pooja Mehta, Makiaj Beauty
DJ & Lighting: Amit Kotecha, 3D Sounds
Videographers:  Skyler Pierpoint, Skypoint Productions
Photographers: Lilet Hamp & team, LightRain Images 


Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two - Sangeet Party

December 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two – Sangeet Party

On day two of Nikki and Sarang’s wedding celebration, a spectacular Sangeet party was thrown at a close family friends house.  Deepika, a well-known rock star in the Indian wedding industry put together an amazing event in her gorgeous palace lakeside residence.  In addition to the fantastic décor, food and drink, there was terrific program filled with music and laughter as Nikki and Sarang were toasted and roasted by some of their closest friends and relatives.  It was great capturing all the priceless memories on photographs for the couple and families. 

001-NikkiSarang-Sangeet001-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 002-NikkiSarang-Sangeet002-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 003-NikkiSarang-Sangeet003-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 004-NikkiSarang-Sangeet004-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 005-NikkiSarang-Sangeet005-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 006-NikkiSarang-Sangeet006-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 007-NikkiSarang-Sangeet007-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 008-NikkiSarang-Sangeet008-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 009-NikkiSarang-Sangeet009-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 010-NikkiSarang-Sangeet010-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 011-NikkiSarang-Sangeet011-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 012-NikkiSarang-Sangeet012-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 013-NikkiSarang-Sangeet013-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 014-NikkiSarang-Sangeet014-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 015-NikkiSarang-Sangeet015-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 016-NikkiSarang-Sangeet016-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 017-NikkiSarang-Sangeet017-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 018-NikkiSarang-Sangeet018-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 019-NikkiSarang-Sangeet019-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 020-NikkiSarang-Sangeet020-NikkiSarang-Sangeet
Wedding Professionals:

Venue & Decor:  Deepika Saigal residence, owner of Chateau Luxe

Hair and Make-up:  Ahseia Adina

Caterer: Chennai Chettinad

DJ:  DJ ADI, In the Mix Entertainment

Videographer:  Skyler Pierpoint and team, Skypoint Productions

Photographers:  Lilet Hamp  and team, LightRain Images


Stay tuned for the BIG day and thanks for stopping by!

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