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LightRain Images has photographed hundreds of weddings at dozens of locations around Arizona and Phoenix.

If you are from out of state and planning a wedding in our wonderful city or state, let us help you choose a gorgeous venue. 

We can provide ideas and information about our experiences at each venue as well as wedding planning tips. 

Contact us for our unique wedding location rating system report. Learn about the venues in the slide show and many more wedding planning tips at [email protected] (480) 699-5731


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Wedding Officiant Photography in Phoenix RevRick2

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler weddings Phoenix wedding photographer Wedding Officiant Wedding photography Wedding Photos Thu, 23 Nov 2023 16:38:32 GMT
Wedding Photography at Val Vista Lakes Gilbert Arizona Val Vista Lakes

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) LightRain Photos at Val Vista Lakes Gilbert wedding photos Val Vista Lake wedding Photographer Thu, 26 Oct 2023 19:46:47 GMT
Royal Palms Resort Wedding Photography Phoenix Royal Palms

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) LightRain Images photos of Royal Palms Phoenix Wedding Photographer Royal Palms Resort weddings Royal Palms Wedding Photos Sun, 22 Oct 2023 20:20:11 GMT
Wedding Photography at Bella Rose Estate Chandler Arizona Bella Rose

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) LightRain Images Wedding Photographer Bella Rose Estate Photography Chandler Wedding Photographer Sun, 08 Oct 2023 21:16:10 GMT
Horse and Carriage Wedding Photography Arizona Mountain Backdrops Ronnie

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Arizona horse and carriage wedding Arizona mountain wedding photos Wedding photos horse and buggy Wedding photos of horse and carriage Tue, 03 Oct 2023 19:22:14 GMT
Superstition Mountain Wedding Photography Sunsets and Saguaros TheBridgeSite

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Romantic Proposal on the Verde Canyon Railroad Imagine offering a wedding proposal on a romantic train ride in the spectacular Verde Valley. LightRain Images was honored to capture this priceless memory for Zara and Raza. The wonderful team from the Verde Canyon Railroad even coordinated with Raza to stop the train in the middle of a large bridge for the wedding proposal.

About halfway through this scenic romantic train ride, Zara and Raza went out onto the open observation car to be alone and enjoy the spectacular views of the Canyon and the valleys below.  At just the right moment, the engineer slowed the train to a crawl and then stopped on a bridge in the middle of a large canyon. There Raza got down on one knee and expressed his love for Zara asking her to marry him and to be together forever. She said Yes! Raza then placed a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger. Their families were along for the train ride as well and celebrated their engagement, enjoying the scenery as they snaked through the mountains, valleys, canyons and tunnels. From the train there were sweeping vistas of the wineries and vineyards of the Verde Valley and the red mountains of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

The Verde Canyon is nestled between Perkinsville, Clarkdale, Cottonwood and Sedona and after the train ride experience the group drove into Sedona and we photographed the couple in the amazing Tlaquepaque and Sedona and captured the sunset as they celebrated their love and new commitment.  

Posing and photographing the couple was relaxing and fun as they were comfortable and at ease with the locations and breathtaking backdrops.

LightRain Images has photographed and video recorded many events in Northern Arizona including Verde Canyon, Cottonwood, Oakcreek Canyon Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott and the Grand Canyon.

Contact us for more information, photographs and videos of the Arizona and a price quote for your once-in-a-lifetime engagement and wedding.

[email protected] (480) 699-5731

LRI213G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI213G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI251G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI251G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI282G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI282G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI340G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI340G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI334G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI334G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI345G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI345G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI065G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI065G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI066G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI066G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI077G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI077G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI009G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI009G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI010G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI010G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI018G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI018G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI036G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI036G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI039G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI039G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI056G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI056G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI209G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI209G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI308G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI308G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI402G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI402G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI425G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI425G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI449G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI449G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI480G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI480G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI491G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI491G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI519G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI519G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI544G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI544G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI525G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI525G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI595G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI595G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI605G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI605G-MushtaqRZ-33019 LRI601G-MushtaqRZ-33019LRI601G-MushtaqRZ-33019

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Immaculate Reception at a Different Pointe of View - Hilton Tapatio Cliffs, Arizona The LightRain Images team was excited to photograph a charity event recently for the Immaculate Reception organization. The organization was celebrating the 50th anniversary for the game winning play by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. The Immaculate Reception is one of the most famous plays in the history of American football.  

The ball bounced off the helmet of Raiders safety Jack Tatum Steelers fullback Franco Harris caught it just before it hit the ground and ran for a game-winning touchdown. Sadly, Franco Harris passed away a few months prior to the 50th anniversary.

The night was beautiful, cool and clear and the many guests, which included many all-star football players, enjoyed the Different Pointe of View. The venue at Hilton Tapatio Cliffs has gorgeous vistas of Downtown Phoenix and the South Mountain Range.

The following are a few photographs of the party.


ERparty-5594ERparty-5594 ERparty-5595ERparty-5595 ERparty-5598ERparty-5598 ERparty-5627ERparty-5627 ERparty-5638ERparty-5638 ERparty-5647ERparty-5647 ERparty-5667ERparty-5667 ERparty-5722ERparty-5722 ERparty-6012 - Copy - CopyERparty-6012 - Copy - Copy ERparty-6020 - CopyERparty-6020 - Copy ERparty-6021 - CopyERparty-6021 - Copy ERparty-6022 - CopyERparty-6022 - Copy ERparty-6024 - CopyERparty-6024 - Copy ERparty-6025 - CopyERparty-6025 - Copy ERparty-6027 - CopyERparty-6027 - Copy ERparty-6029 - CopyERparty-6029 - Copy ERparty-6179ERparty-6179 ERparty-6189ERparty-6189 ERparty-6201ERparty-6201 ERparty-6207ERparty-6207 ERparty-6210ERparty-6210


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) A Different Pointe of View wedding Photography Chandler Wedding Photographer Immaculate Reception photos Phoenix Wedding Photographer Mon, 24 Apr 2023 04:22:27 GMT
Quinceanera at Bella Rose Estate in Chandler, Arizona The LightRain Images team enjoyed the Spanish garden ambiance photographing this festive and beautiful Quinceanera. The Gorgeous Bella Rose Estate is located in Chandler, Arizona.

Just south of the Highway 101 and the San Tan 202 freeway junction, the beautiful gardens and Spanish architecture of the Bella Rose Estate is in the heart of Chandler, AZ.  This large wedding, reception and party venue has a wide variety of spaces for any type of event.  From beautiful gardens, under shade tree canopies to courtyards to a huge banquet hall, the Bella Rose Estate provides many options for couples looking for lush greenery and a picturesque settings for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Breathtaking backdrops for photographs are endless.

LightRain Images has photographed and video recorded many weddings and events at the Bella Rose Estate. Click here Here for sample photographs. 

Contact us for more information, photographs and videos of the Bella Rose Estate. [email protected]

LRI-041LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-041LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0051G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0051G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0067G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0067G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0068G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0068G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-068LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-068LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-132L_TCarillo11162019LRI-132L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-142L_TCarillo11162019LRI-142L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-148L_TCarillo11162019LRI-148L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-151L_TCarillo11162019LRI-151L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-175L_TCarillo11162019LRI-175L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-194L_TCarillo11162019LRI-194L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0220G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0220G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0222G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0222G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-240L_TCarillo11162019LRI-240L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0278G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0278G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-351LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-351LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-355LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-355LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0373G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0373G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0382G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0382G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-396LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-396LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-401LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-401LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-408LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-408LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-414LL_TCarillo11162019LRI-414LL_TCarillo11162019 LRI-416L_TCarillo11162019LRI-416L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-420L_TCarillo11162019LRI-420L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-423L_TCarillo11162019LRI-423L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-506L_TCarillo11162019LRI-506L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-540L_TCarillo11162019LRI-540L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-546L_TCarillo11162019LRI-546L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-548L_TCarillo11162019LRI-548L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-570L_TCarillo11162019LRI-570L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-572L_TCarillo11162019LRI-572L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-628L_TCarillo11162019LRI-628L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-631L_TCarillo11162019LRI-631L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0647G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0647G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-657L_TCarillo11162019LRI-657L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-668L_TCarillo11162019LRI-668L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0760G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0760G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-851L_TCarillo11162019LRI-851L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0856G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0856G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0865G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0865G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0922G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0922G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-0937G_TCarillo11162019LRI-0937G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-938L_TCarillo11162019LRI-938L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-942L_TCarillo11162019LRI-942L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-944L_TCarillo11162019LRI-944L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-946L_TCarillo11162019LRI-946L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-990L_TCarillo11162019LRI-990L_TCarillo11162019 LRI-1194G_TCarillo11162019LRI-1194G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-1236G_TCarillo11162019LRI-1236G_TCarillo11162019 LRI-1324G_TCarillo11162019LRI-1324G_TCarillo11162019


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Commercial Photography for Business in Downtown Chandler, Arizona The LightRain Images team was excited for a new commercial photography shoot when contracted to photograph a beautiful dining, brewery and theater in Historic Downtown Chandler.  The Look Dine-in concept combines an amazing brewery with a Cinema to view the latest movies and order scrumptious food brought to you while watching a movie.

The brew master showed us the complete process of brewing and we were able to photograph and video record all the details and learn about how the best and tastiest brews are made.

The cinema theater was much larger than we had anticipated, showing a wide variety of recent movies! The dinning room, bar and brewery is amazing as a place to visit and hangout before entering the cinema. 

Look Dine-In has an amazing concept that provides a whole evening experience for a date night or the whole family!

Enjoy a small sample of the photographs taken during the grand opening!

Look (5 of 238)Look (5 of 238) Look (7 of 238)Look (7 of 238) Look (10 of 238)Look (10 of 238) Look (12 of 238)Look (12 of 238) Look (19 of 238)Look (19 of 238) Look (26 of 238)Look (26 of 238) Look (29 of 238)Look (29 of 238) Look (30 of 238)Look (30 of 238) Look (36 of 238)Look (36 of 238) Look (45 of 238)Look (45 of 238) Look (46 of 238)Look (46 of 238) Look (52 of 238)Look (52 of 238) Look (55 of 238)Look (55 of 238) Look (56 of 238)Look (56 of 238) Look (59 of 238)Look (59 of 238) Look (61 of 238)Look (61 of 238) Look (82 of 238)Look (82 of 238) Look (150 of 238)Look (150 of 238) Look (159 of 238)Look (159 of 238) Look (163 of 238)Look (163 of 238) Look (165 of 238)Look (165 of 238) Look (167 of 238)Look (167 of 238) Look (197 of 238)Look (197 of 238) Look (208 of 238)Look (208 of 238) Look (213 of 238)Look (213 of 238) Look (217 of 238)Look (217 of 238) Look (222 of 238)Look (222 of 238) Look (228 of 238)Look (228 of 238) Look (229 of 238)Look (229 of 238) Look (231 of 238)Look (231 of 238) Look (238 of 238)Look (238 of 238)

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler commercial Photographer LightRain Images commercial photographer LightRain Images video LightRain Images Weddings Fri, 31 Mar 2023 02:05:50 GMT
Engagement Photo Shoot at the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona Recently, we were excited to photograph a beautiful couple’s engagement celebration in the Saguaros and cacti in the East Valley of the Greater Phoenix area. Just east of Mesa, the Superstition Mountains rise abruptly with the Lost Dutchman Park and Apache Junction nestled in the desert below among the numerous Saguaros and Cactus.

This sweet couple, Alika and Sharmirah, met on-line while working in high tech industries in Chandler and Phoenix and love photography with desert vistas.

Flat Iron mountain behind Apache Junction was the majestic rocky cliff backdrop to the beautiful couple in perfect Arizona February weather. Their wedding engagement photographs were spectacular and we photographed through the buttery soft light late afternoon sun and into a colorful Arizona sunset.

We are excited to photograph their wedding soon!

The cactus, lighting and ambiance were breathtaking! Enjoy a small sample of the photographs.

A&S-5266A&S-5266 A&S-5271A&S-5271 A&S-5300A&S-5300 A&S-5302A&S-5302 A&S-5310A&S-5310 A&S-5315A&S-5315 A&S-5331A&S-5331 A&S-5332A&S-5332 A&S-7499A&S-7499 A&S-7514A&S-7514 A&S-7534A&S-7534 A&S-7549A&S-7549 A&S-7561A&S-7561 A&S-7567A&S-7567 A&S-7574A&S-7574 A&S-7581A&S-7581 A&S-7595A&S-7595 A&S-7599A&S-7599 A&S-7615A&S-7615 A&S-7631.1A&S-7631.1 A&S-7631A&S-7631 A&S-7636A&S-7636 A&S-7641A&S-7641 A&S-7647A&S-7647 A&S-7657A&S-7657



[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Cactus photos Chandler Wedding Photographer Desert Photography Engagement Photography LightRain Images Weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer Superstition Mountain Photography Wed, 29 Mar 2023 16:58:50 GMT
Ashley and Levi’s Wedding at The Views at Superstition and Apache Junction Gold Canyon, Arizona Recently, we were honored to photograph a beautiful couple’s wedding celebration at The Views at Superstition in Gold Canyon and Apache Junction.  This fun couple was lucky to have their beautiful Lost Dutchman mountain backdrops with a light dusting of snow on the peaks. Ashley, the bride said, “I have always dreamed of having my wedding with the rugged Superstition mountains in the background and with snow on them.”

Flat Iron was visible in the majestic rocky backdrop to the beautiful ceremony in perfect Arizona February weather. Their wedding ceremony photographs were spectacular and after some formal family photos, the LightRain Images photography team took they couple out to various areas to photograph in front of the breathtaking views in all directions. They even had the backdrop of the snow covered Four Peaks for several photographs.

After the couple was photographed among the saguaros in the sunset, they made their way back to The Views at Superstition for their grand entrance and first dance.  

The lighting and ambiance were breathtaking! Enjoy a small sample of the photographs from LightRain Images.

A&L (.1)A&L (.1) A&L (1)A&L (1) A&L (2)A&L (2) A&L (3)A&L (3) A&L (4)A&L (4) A&L (5)A&L (5) A&L (5.1)A&L (5.1) A&L (5.2)A&L (5.2) A&L (5.3)A&L (5.3) A&L (6)A&L (6) A&L (6.1)A&L (6.1) A&L (6.2)A&L (6.2) A&L (6.3)A&L (6.3) A&L (6.4)A&L (6.4) A&L (6.5)A&L (6.5) A&L (6.6)A&L (6.6) A&L (11)A&L (11) A&L (11.4)A&L (11.4) A&L (12)A&L (12) A&L (12.1)A&L (12.1) A&L (12.2)A&L (12.2) A&L (12.5)A&L (12.5) A&L (12.6)A&L (12.6) A&L (12.7)A&L (12.7) A&L (13)A&L (13) A&L (14)A&L (14) A&L (14.1)A&L (14.1) A&L (14.2)A&L (14.2) A&L (14.3)A&L (14.3) A&L (15)A&L (15) A&L (15.01)A&L (15.01) A&L (15.1)A&L (15.1) A&L (16)A&L (16) A&L (17)A&L (17) A&L (18)A&L (18) A&L (35)A&L (35) A&L (36)A&L (36) A&L (37)A&L (37) A&L (37.1)A&L (37.1) A&L (38)A&L (38) A&L (39)A&L (39) A&L (39.1)A&L (39.1) A&L (39.2)A&L (39.2) A&L (39.3)A&L (39.3) A&L (40)A&L (40) A&L (41)A&L (41) A&L (42)A&L (42) A&L (43)A&L (43) A&LG3-8736A&LG3-8736


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The Three Most Important Things When Choosing Your Makeup Artist One of our Friendors, Diana from Make up by Diana shared some very useful information about choosing a makeup artist to make your look your best in your priceless wedding images.


Communication is key when choosing your makeup artist, like any other vendors. A makeup artist is an important part of your day, actually she/he is the first vendor you meet with in the morning. Making sure you get all your questions answered in a timely manner as well as having a reliable person will make you less stress the day of your wedding, eliminating the risk of cancellation right before your event.

Professional and able to work with any skins 

Make sure you choose a professional who is familiar with any skin tones and features , not someone who only knows how to do their own makeup. Asking to see proof of their portfolio is very important ( if they don’t have a website yet ) this way you’ll get an idea before you even meet . 

Have a trial 

Always have a trial beforehand, it will not only eliminate extra stress on your wedding day, but also it will make you realize if you and the artist are a great fit. Do not be afraid to say what does not work for you, trials are also the best time to make corrections or change to another look. On your wedding day … it would be too late … unless you have extra time in the day.




Wedding Wire

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) artist makeup Wedding Sat, 20 Aug 2022 02:41:14 GMT
Taylor and Kurt's wedding at Ashley Castle in Chandler, Arizona Buy enlargements here.


LRI-G0002_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0002_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-L0017_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0017_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0521_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0521_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0562_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0562_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-G0065_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0065_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0134_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0134_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0145_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0145_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-L0638_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0638_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0682_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0682_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0710_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0710_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0134_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0134_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-LA0059_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-LA0059_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0224_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0224_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-L0838_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0838_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-G0511_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0511_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0580_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0580_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0643_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0643_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0695LRI-G0695 LRI-G0711_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0711_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-G0717_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0717_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-L0532_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0532_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0875_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0875_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0878_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0878_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0918_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0918_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0955_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0955_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-OV251_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-OV251_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L0996_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L0996_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L1066_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L1066_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L1168_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L1168_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-G0958_ZweiferTK-02022020LRI-G0958_ZweiferTK-02022020 LRI-OV448_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-OV448_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-L1783_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-L1783_ZweifelTK-20220 LRI-OV487_ZweifelTK-20220LRI-OV487_ZweifelTK-20220

See more photos and buy prints here.

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DJ or MC ? SKM provides a special kind of memory DJ services At LightRain Images, we have the pleasure of working with many vendors and those with with special talents and customer service become Frienders!  We share tips and planning information provided by our Frienders because they are the experts in their fields. 

What’s the difference between an MC and a DJ?

If you’re feeling foggy about what exactly your DJ will be doing for you (besides obviously playing music), then this article is for you! 

One of the first things you want to find out when hiring a DJ for your event is whether they consider themselves a DJ, an MC, or both. You also want to know whether you’re getting just one person or a two person team. This can significantly impact the experience you and your guests have!

What is an MC?

Typically, an MC is considered a professional event host. They will plan with you ahead of time to determine activities, announcements, traditions, music choices, and the timeline for the night, as well as be responsible for hosting the actual event. 


MCs (or emcees) are typically skilled in:

  • microphone work

  • making announcements

  • helping you plan the timeline

  • giving music or activity suggestions if needed

  • facilitating games or other activities

  • introducing important people or moments

  • getting the crowd excited to cheer, clap, or dance

  • interacting with everyone involved to keep things going on schedule


What is a DJ?

To contrast, a DJ (or deejay) is typically focused on mostly music. They are typically skilled in:

  • music knowledge

  • prepping playlists/next songs

  • reading the crowd

  • mixing

  • troubleshooting any equipment problems

  • potentially operating dance floor lights, etc.


What should I choose?

For more information and the complete article go to SKM Entertainment


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Fri, 18 Feb 2022 23:54:01 GMT
Featured on MILK Books - #67 We were pleased to be featured alongside fellow awesome photographers in this article by MILK Books. Great tips and inspiration for brides and grooms:)

Our tip:  #67.  Hire the best photographer you can

Milk Photo Books_featureMilk Photo Books_feature

Thank you Milk Books for this feature!

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Melanie and Barrett’s Wedding at Bella Rose in Chandler, Arizona Recently we were honored to photograph a beautiful couple’s wedding celebration at Bella Rose Estate in Chandler.  This fun, creative couple chose a unique starry night sky theme with romantic candles for their wedding.

The centerpiece of each table was a moon which was lit up from the inside and changed colors throughout the whole evening.  The entire ballroom’s walls and ceilings looked like the milky way with a million stars projected by specialized laser equipment.  The couple collaborated with the  DJ company to create this amazing, romantic look which was terrific to photograph and provided spectacular colors to photograph during the dancing.

The lighting and ambiance were breathtaking! Enjoy a small sample of the photographs.
Bride and Groom PortraitBride and Groom Portrait Groom and GroomsmenGroom and Groomsmen Beautiful brideBeautiful bride 04Blog-UllrichMB0504201904Blog-UllrichMB05042019 Bride and bridesmaidsBride and bridesmaids Bride's entranceBride's entrance wedding ceremonywedding ceremony Bride and Groom twilight shotsBride and Groom twilight shots Twilight Portraits of Bride and GroomTwilight Portraits of Bride and Groom Cake cuttingCake cutting
Starlit reception ceilingStarlit reception ceilingChris the DJ showing off the starlit ceiling Reception ambianceReception ambiance Reception table decorReception table decor DJ and fireballDJ and fireball wedding reception dancingwedding reception dancing colorful reception dance floorcolorful reception dance floor Bride and Groom sparkler exitBride and Groom sparkler exit

The Vendor List

Venue:  Bella Rose Estate

Florist:  Flowers by Jodi

Caterer:  Heidi’s Catering

Cake:  Piece of Cake Desserts

DJ:  Birkett Entertainment

Photographers:  LightRain Images



[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) bride bride and groom Chandler Phoenix Wedding Photographer Photographer Wedding Wedding Photographer Weddings Thu, 16 May 2019 22:34:10 GMT
How Important is a Great DJ for Creating Amazing Memories of Your Special Day? "A DJ is one of the most important vendors that you’ll book. A great DJ will create a magical atmosphere and a wonderful feeling for your event. What is a party if you can't turn down the lights and dance to music you really love?

If you hire a cheap DJ, your guests may be talking about your event for months, but they may not be saying good things.

But if you hire a DJ with passion for music and creating a magical feeling of your once-in-a-lifetime day, your friends and loved ones will be talking about how much they loved the priceless memories of celebrating with you!"  Exclaimed Tony Fynan of Arizona Mobile DJ 


The Big Party!

Imagine you’re planning this huge party where you’ve invited over 250 of your close friends (yes, that’s a lot friends) to attend. You have some money to spend so the first thing you do is book your event venue, next you purchase some food, and fancy decorations. Now with all of that said and done you realize you need some entertainment...great, let’s get a DJ!


Avoid the Following Nightmare of a Choosing a Mediocre DJ

After I book the event hall, caterer, photographer/videographer I’ll see what money I have left for entertainment…

I don’t need a DJ.. I’ll have a friend play music off their iPad/iPod/laptop…

I can give a list of songs to that friend and they can just play songs off their laptop…

Wait I think I should hire a DJ... I'll find a cheap DJ on-line somewhere!

A video of the DJ performing is all I need to convince me if they’re any good…

I’ll just show up at their next event he/she is performing at and make my decision…

G282_GustJJ-05062017G282_GustJJ-05062017    L272_GustJJ-05062017L272_GustJJ-05062017

Tony Fynan of Arizona Mobile DJ doing what he does best!

So now it is your event day and after all the planning and organizing it’s all coming together. Your guests begin to arrive at your party with high hopes for an amazing evening. Your guests are ready to party and have some fun... but in the background, you can hear the DJ playing some type of music but it’s not what you had envisioned they’d be playing. The music isn't a good match for your party and guests. The DJ’s sound system isn’t designed for a party your size and the music sounds very distorted. You notice that he isn’t interacting with anyone at your party and he seems preoccupied on checking his Facebook status. Your guests begin to leave earlier than expected and you can pretty much sense their overall disappointment.

How do you think these people are feeling after they have planned exclusively to be at your party, traveled across the city or state? I’m willing to bet… they’re not very happy. A DJ is one of the most important vendors that you’ll book. The DJ will make or break the atmosphere at your event. What’s a party if you can't turn down the lights and dance to music you really love!

If you feel you are investing in the success of your event and creating priceless memories, spend a few dollars more and hire a true, insured professional, inspired DJ who has a passion for music and service like Tony Fynan at Arizona Mobile DJ. 

10810 N Tatum Blvd. Ste 102-929

Phoenix, AZ 85028


[email protected]


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Phoenix Wedding Photographer Tips and Ideas Wedding DJ Weddings Wed, 19 Sep 2018 18:16:47 GMT
Ideas for Planning Your Indian Wedding Experience Indian weddings are an amazingly colorful and complex series of exciting events! The ceremonies and celebrations range in emotion-filled moments to a jubilant celebration.

Planning an Indian or multicultural wedding filled with traditions that will make both families happy is quite a challenging task.  If you want to work with the very best professionals, below are some of the best in the valley.  Check out our collaboration with these wedding pros who graciously and generously gave their time and talent to make this styled shoot at one of Phoenix’s most renowned wedding and event venues, Chateau Luxe.  All rental structures are exclusively available at Chateau Luxe.
Indian wedding couple by Mandap01-Plan your Indian WeddingPhoto by: LightRain Images Photography ( 02-Plan your Indian Wedding02-Plan your Indian WeddingOutdoor mandap ceremony set-up with chiavarri chairs and Indian bride and groom at sunset 03-Plan your Indian Wedding03-Plan your Indian WeddingPhoto by: LightRain Images Photography ( Dramatic Mandap lighting at night with a medium shot of Indian bride04-Plan your Indian WeddingDramatic mood lighting of outdoor Mandap at night. Hair and make-up close-up portrait of beautiful Indian bride05-Plan your Indian WeddingPortraits of a Beautiful Indian bride Mehndi theme for Indian bride and blingy wedding shoes06-Plan your Indian WeddingElegant Mehendi theme for the Inidan bride Purple and pink light wall light design and turquoise tablescape set-up for Mehendi night with bride and groom in matching colors.07-Plan your Indian WeddingGreen Moroccan archway | Wall light design | Tablescape set-up for Mehendi night. A beautiful Indian bride at reception night, dressed in blue, gold and and pink lengha ensemble.08-Plan your Indian WeddingReception - Beautifully dressed Indian bride in royal blue, pink and gold at The Valentino room at Chateau Luxe Indian bride and groom dancing against a gold and purple backdrop during reception.09-Plan your Indian WeddingColorful lighting design creates visual eye candy for bride and groom during recption Moroccan wall structure bathed in alternating rainbow of lights housing a sofa settee design in bright blue, gold and green.10-Plan your Indian WeddingGarba night - colorful Moroccan structure with blue and gold sofa settee for cocktail hour. Mehendi or Garba night theme sofa settee set-up with purple, gold and pink pillows and tinted magenta and gold glass lamps11-Plan your Indian WeddingMehendi or Garba night theme sofa settee set-up. Assorted cake and cupcake creations on rainbow colored flag design rectangle table for wedding cocktail and reception.12-Plan your Indian WeddingDessert table station on rainbow colored table. Tablescape set-up in brilliant red and gold  linens and white tableware for Indian wedding reception.13-Plan your Indian Wedding Tablescape in brilliant red and gold themed linens for Indian wedding reception. Tablescape set-up in green, gold against gold lit wall with rainbow designed flag table cove and see thru plastic chairs.14-Plan your Indian WeddingGreen and Gold themed tablecscape set-up with see thru chairs. Top view of gold and fuchsia tablescape with gold chiavari chairs for Indian wedding reception.15-Plan your Indian WeddingGold and fuchsia tablescape with gold chiavari chairs for Indian wedding reception.

Wedding Pros:




LightRain Images has photographed and video recorded hundreds of weddings for over 10 years.  Our teams have experienced the incredible diversity of ceremonies and rituals that this region and culture has to offer.

Not only does India have many different religions, including Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian, there is a wide range of regional and family traditions that shape the ultimate experience.

Because we are intimately involved in every event from Mehendi, Grashanti, Sangeet/Garba, ceremony to reception, and take thousands of images of Indian weddings, our website is filled with ideas from every aspect of the experience.  Check out some breathtaking, legendary Engagement photo sessions  (get ideas to make yours unique)


Photographing and video recording multicultural weddings like Indian couples for over ten years has allowed us the honor of working with many amazing professional vendors from wedding planners to event venues. 

Feel free to contact us for our recommendations. Enjoy planning your dream wedding!

Glenn & Lilet Hamp



[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) . Indian weddings LightRain Images Weddings Multicultural weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer plan your Indian wedding Sun, 26 Aug 2018 09:28:22 GMT
How to Choose a Wedding Venue - Our Unique Prospective and Ranking Chart Lots of Choices with a Wide Variety of Features

There are dozens of beautiful locations to host your wedding in Arizona, each with a wide range of features.  The choice of wedding venue is one of the first and is typically the largest expenditure in your wedding budget.

Although your choice of a wedding venue is important, it is less important than some couples may think. Spending a lot of money on the most beautiful wedding location does not ensure the beauty of your wedding photographs, which you will have with you for the rest of your lives. 

Priceless Memories Captured in Breathtaking Imagery is What You Will Treasure Forever

A great photographer can create gorgeous photography in an average looking venue while an average photographer will find it difficult to fully capture the ambiance of a beautiful location. Wedding photography is what stays with you forever. We believe every couple deserves their priceless memories captured in breathtaking photographs.

Based on our experience we have ranked the popular wedding venues for several key factors ranging from the beauty of backdrops to staff to pricing.  We explain our perspective and reasoning below.

LightRain Images has been photographing weddings in Phoenix, Arizona, throughout the state and the country for over 10 years.  Additionally, we photograph destination weddings from Cancun, to Canada and from Hawaii to New York.


LightRain Images has a Unique Perspective of All Aspects of a Wedding Venue

As a Phoenix wedding photographer based in Chandler, Arizona, we have developed a unique and comprehensive perspective of the wedding venues where we photograph.  We visit the venue several times, interact frequently with staff and management and may spend up to 10 hours in the middle of all the activities at the venue during the wedding day.  Generally, we work at popular venues numerous times and get a great feel for the operations, experience and philosophy of staff and management.

Not only do we know the numerous backdrops, angles, photo opportunities and lighting challenges of a particular location, we can anticipate a couple’s potential experience of a venue for their wedding.  This is why, as professional wedding photographers, we are in a unique position to share our perspective.

The Unique Wedding Site Ranking System

We ranked important factors from 1 to 5, with 5 being best.  Every couple has different priorities, desires, interests.  Think about what is most important to you.  Do you want to have a grand ballroom? Is a beautiful view of the city or the mountains important? Maybe you want to a beautiful structure with unusual or dramatic architecture.  Perhaps you value natural greenery, or beautiful fountains and gardens.  What about saguaros and desert flora? Will you have a lot of your guests from out of town needing hotel rooms or Airbnb?  It is good to consider all these types of things.



Wedding Venue Rating System


Feature rated 1-5, 5= highest















Wedding Venue








of rooms




Arizona Biltmore












Ashley Castle












Boojum Tree












Chateau Luxe
























Crowne Plaza San Marcos












Different Point of View












Gold Canyon Resort & Spa












Red Mountain Ranch












Seville Country Club












The Falls Event Center












The Views at Superstition












Val Vista Lakes












Villa Siena












This is just a small sample of the venues photographed by LightRain Images. For additional venues with rankings as well as planning information from a photographer’s prospective, contact [email protected]  and for numerous ideas for your décor, dress, flowers and ballroom layouts go to   480.699.5731




[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) arizona weddings phoenix wedding sites phoenix wedding venues wedding locations in phoenix Wed, 16 May 2018 05:22:39 GMT
Randee and Chris Wedding | Secret Garden, Phoenix Arizona We can't believe it's been a year since we photographed this beautiful couple, Randee & Chris♥  Relive the beautiful wedding below.

Venue: The Secret Garden
Florist: Haleigh Brownlee
DJ: Gold Ring Entertainment
Cake, Cupcakes & Donuts:  Sue Jacobs Cake
Photographer:  LightRain Images


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Sun, 18 Mar 2018 01:35:20 GMT
Amanda & Hayden’s Fairy Tale Wedding at The Ashley Castle | Chandler, Arizona bride and groom kissing by fountain at nightBride and groom kissing by the FountainLightRain Images, Phoenic Wedding Photographer

“She’s not your basic girl” is what our tall, handsome groom says of his new wife Amanda. When asked about Amanda, here’s what he has to say.  “She was different from other girls, beautiful yet she has a good head on her shoulders.  She’s a one of kind girl. I just want to see her happy all the time. They say we are young and rushing things but when you know, you know…” How sweet is this young love! Amanda says of her new husband, “My first impression of him was how tall he was, I just had to meet him. When I started talking to him, I knew right then that I wanted to be with him forever. He makes me feel beautiful all the time even when I don’t feel like it. He makes me more confident and makes me laugh. We’re always going to be together no matter what life throws us.” 


The first time I met Amanda and Hayden, I was struck by how gorgeously tall they were, a plus for any wedding photographer knowing that the images will come out so amazing.  But more than that I found them to be quiet, intentional, kind and thoughtful. Hayden wanted to make sure they have enough time during sunset to photograph around the gorgeous venue The Ashley Castle.  They were married by the ceremony wall decorated with chandeliers outside in front of 90 friends and family.  Their wedding décor and details comprised of deep red, purple and white.  Hope you enjoy the images as much as my team and I created them.  Congratulations Amanda and Hayden!  A lifetime of love and happiness to you both!




bride's details, garter, dress, bouquet and jewelry001McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding photographer 002McElroyAH-02102018002McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer, The Ashley Castle 003McElroyAH-02102018003McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer 004McElroyAH-02102018004McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer
The Ashley Castle
005McElroyAH-02102018005McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photogrpaher
The Ashley Castle
006McElroyAH-02102018006McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
007McElroyAH-02102018007McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
008McElroyAH-02102018008McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
wedding ceremony009McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
bride and groom sunset shots010McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
romantic bride and groom night shots011McElroyAH-02102018LightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
alone, bride, portraitsBride portraitLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer bride and groom kissing in twilightBride and Groom at nightLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
bride and her bridesmaidsBride and bridesmaidsLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer bride and groom at twilightBride and Groom at TwilightLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
wedding decor and detialsWedding Decor and DetailsLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
Bride and groom's First DanceBride and Groom First DanceLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
bouquet toss and cake cuttingCake and Bouquet TossLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer,
The Ashley Castle
wedding sparkler exitWedding Sparkler ExitLightRain Images, Phoenix Wedding Photographer
The Ashley Castle

Here is what she said about what made her decide to go with Ashley Castle and LightRain Images.

“I chose LightRain images as our photographers because out of all the choices Ashley Castle has provided for us, yours stood out the most to me because of the detail that went into your pictures. From seeing the pictures on your website, I knew that you were perfect to capture all the best moments in great detail. Meeting you in person helped my decision even more because you both were so friendly and comfortable to work with! :)


We chose Ashley Castle as our venue because we both share a love for medieval things and compared to other venues we have researched; Ashley Castle had the best pricing and vendors included when it comes to the packages they offer! The staff was super friendly to work with as well!



Wedding Vendors:

Venue, Decor:  The Ashley Castle

Cake:  Piece of Cake

Flowers:  The Ashley Castle

Caterer:     The Ashley Castle

DJ:   Jeff Nelson, The Ashley Castle

Dress:  Kaira’s Bridal and Tuxedo

Groomsmen Attire:  Mens’ Wearhouse

Officiant:  Andre Mooney

Hair & Make-up:  Ashley Lee and Megan Hauersperger

Photo & Video: LightRain Images


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) chandler wedding photographer phoenix wedding photographer Sat, 03 Mar 2018 14:16:08 GMT
Live Music at Your Wedding Sets an Elegant and Classy Mood Many of our couples wonder if they should provide live music at their weddings.  Nathan Jude, singer, songwriter from provides some ideas and reasons to consider live music. 

Why go with a live musician for your wedding/event?


  • A good live musician helps set the mood. When you hire a live musician, they not only enhance the mood by playing the right songs, they also help enhance the by playing the songs with the right tone/energy. Live musicians are able to quickly adapt from high energy to gentle and intimate. These small adjustments make all the difference when trying to create a memorable event.


  • Live musicians give a one-of-a-kind performance. Although many recorded hits are fun to listen to, your audience has heard the songs 100 times before, and will probably hear them 100 times again. When a live musician plays your event, your audience gets to rediscover their favorite songs, because they are being played differently than they have ever heard before.


  • Live music is elegant. There is a reason than the major award shows, high end events, and big fundraisers always feature a live band. Live music conveys elegance. It tells your attendees that you went out of your way to make sure that every aspect of your event was memorable. It conveys that you wanted every detail to be custom-made to fit your desired aesthetic and mood.


Contact Nathan Jude to add a touch of class to your wedding or special event. Check out his samples. They are amazingly beautiful. 

Besame Mucho (Guitar)

The Book of Love (Piano)

Misery (Guitar)

Fly Me To The Moon (Piano)


[email protected]


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) tips and ideas wedding music weddings Wed, 05 Apr 2017 20:10:11 GMT
Olivia | Senior | Hamilton High School | Chandler, Arizona On occasion, we get a break from shooting weddings to shoot portrait sessions. This is a recent senior session of Olivia, a high school student from one of our local high schools, Hamilton High School. She has been in Air Force Junior ROTC and on the Drill team for four years.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking walks with her dog, and relaxing.  After she graduates this year from high school she plans to go to Rio Salado Community College to become a dental hygienist.


Q1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ten years from now, I see myself having a stable career in the dental field and starting a loving family. 


Q2. What is your favorite high school memory to date?

My favorite high school memory was going to Nationals with my drill team. 

03-162-LRI-OBurtless-0211201703-162-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 04-579e-LRI-OBurtless-0211201704-579e-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 05-172-LRI-OBurtless-0211201705-172-LRI-OBurtless-02112017

06-Liv-REO06-Liv-REO 07-375bwvintage-LRI-OBurtless-0211201707-375bwvintage-LRI-OBurtless-02112017

Q3. If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

If I was given three wishes, I would wish for a lifetime of wealth, happiness, and good health. 

08-Liv-Andrewkiss08-Liv-Andrewkiss 09-290-LRI-OBurtless-0211201709-290-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 10-468-LRI-OBurtless-0211201710-468-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 11-480-LRI-OBurtless-0211201711-480-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 12-233-LRI-OBurtless-0211201712-233-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 13-566-LRI-OBurtless-0211201713-566-LRI-OBurtless-02112017

Q4. What is your definition of happiness?

My definition of happiness is being stress-free and doing something that I love doing. 

14-747bw-LRI-OBurtless-0211201714-747bw-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 15-712-LRI-OBurtless-0211201715-712-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 16-Liv-Red16-Liv-Red 17-Liv-Jeans17-Liv-Jeans 18-242-LRI-OBurtless-0211201718-242-LRI-OBurtless-02112017 19-536-LRI-OBurtless-0211201719-536-LRI-OBurtless-02112017

Q5. If you were given a chance to redo high school, what would you change?

If I was given a chance to redo high school, I would play a sport, make more friends outside of ROTC, and be more outgoing.



From her answers, it looks like this young lady has a good head on her shoulders.  Good luck Olivia, we wish you great success and a bright future ahead!


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Seniors beauty family portraits high school seniors portraits senior portraits Sun, 05 Mar 2017 05:57:43 GMT
Stephanie & Bryant | Royal Palms Resort Weddings | Scottsdale, Arizona #werethenussers On a beautiful fall Saturday in October last year, Stephanie and Bryant married under a great big tree at the Alegria garden of the historic Royal Palms Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their wedding was filled with elegant details presented in bright purple and silver hues.  A fun story on how they met...they loved camping and their worlds collided when Bryant's friends stole Stephanie's campsites. They started hanging out and the rest is history.  These two lovebirds could not have chosen a more romantic setting of the Royal Palms with its old Hollywood setting and the lush beautiful gardens.  It's truly an oasis in the desert. We just love shooting weddings, engagements and other events at this gorgeous venue.
LRI-002NusserSB-10152016LRI-002NusserSB-10152016 Wedding Flowers Royal Palms PhoenixLRI-003NusserSB-10152016 LRI-004NusserSB-10152016Wedding gown photo Royal Palms
Love the pin our bride put on her garter.  Her groom Bryant is a fireman. LRI-005NusserSB-10152016LRI-005NusserSB-10152016
Such a beautiful bride! LRI-006NusserSB-10152016Bride Photography Royal Palms

Stephanie and her dad are very close and she decided to have a first look with him. So sweet!

LRI-007NusserSB-10152016Bride and her father photos
Such a dapper groom Bryant made!  LRI-008NusserSB-10152016Groom photography Royal Palms Phoenix LRI-009NusserSB-10152016LRI-009NusserSB-10152016 LRI-010NusserSB-10152016Groomsmen Photo classic black and white LRI-011NusserSB-10152016Royal Palms wedding photography LRI-012NusserSB-10152016Bride entrance photos Royal Palms LRI-013NusserSB-10152016LRI-013NusserSB-10152016 LRI-014NusserSB-10152016Beautiful Royal Palms wedding photos
Check out this ring bearer's adorable purple bow tie.
LRI-015NusserSB-10152016LRI-015NusserSB-10152016 LRI-016NusserSB-10152016First kiss at Royal Palms wedding photo LRI-017NusserSB-10152016LRI-017NusserSB-10152016 LRI-018NusserSB-10152016Brides Maids Wedding photos Royal Palms LRI-019NusserSB-10152016Wedding Party Photo Royal Palms Camelback LRI-020NusserSB-10152016Bridal photography Royal Palms Phoenix LRI-021NusserSB-10152016LRI-021NusserSB-10152016 LRI-022NusserSB-10152016Royal Palms wedding photography Phoenix Alegria Garden wedding photo Royal PalmsBride and Groom photo classic black and white LRI-024NusserSB-10152016Bride and Groom Royal Palms photography LRI-025NusserSB-10152016Bride and groom Phoenix, Arizona Royal Palms LRI-026NusserSB-10152016Bride and groom night photo at fountain LRI-027NusserSB-10152016LRI-027NusserSB-10152016 LRI-028NusserSB-10152016Wedding decor photos Royal Palms resort Wedding cake at Royal Palms #werethenussersGrand Entrance at Royal Palms wedding wedding dance photos Royal Palms#werethenussers
Her dad made Stephanie cry as he retold the story of how he would put young Stephanie to bed at night with stories of princesses.  He closed with "You will always be Daddy's little girl." Brought tears to  our beautiful bride's eyes, and mine too!  LRI-032NusserSB-10152016LRI-032NusserSB-10152016
One of the best cake smashes we've seen and sweetly done, you can tell Stephanie can bring it on.  Looks like Bryant found his match indeed. :) Cake smash photos Royal Palms weddingLRI-033NusserSB-10152016 Royal Palms wedding photos garter bouquetBouquet and Garter Toss
An array of after snacks was served to replenish the guests' energies from all the partying and dancing. I truly think this is such a thoughtful part on the bride and groom's families.  LRI-035NusserSB-10152016LRI-035NusserSB-10152016 LRI-036NusserSB-10152016LRI-036NusserSB-10152016 Night wedding photos Phoenix, ArizonaGorgeous wedding photos Royal Palms Resort Wedding photography Royal Palms Resort fountain#werethenussers
Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did!

Wedding Professionals:

Wedding Planner:  Danielle Colleto/ Events by Danielle

Bridal Dress: Brides by Demetrios 

Bridal Party Dresses: White by Vera Wang

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Hair & Make-up: Ieshia Warwick 

Venue, Caterer & Cake: Nora Narkevic | Royal Palms Resort & Spa

Officiant: Fr. Jim Hushek

DJ:  Dan Bare of Ray the DJ

Florist:  Beloved Lily

Guitarist: Brendan Lake

Photo Booth:  Crazy Shotz Photobooth

Videographer: Film Monkey

Photographer:   LightRain Images

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Alegria Garden Wedding Phoenix Wedding Photographer Royal Palm weddings Scottsdale Wedding Photographer garden weddings wedding wedding photography Sun, 26 Feb 2017 07:43:58 GMT
Nikki & Sarang Day Four - Reception On the evening of Nikki and Sarang’s incredible reception, I walked into the bridal suite as Nikki was finishing the last touches of her hair and make-up by Makiaj Beauty.  She literally took my breath away as she dazzled in her stunning cocktail gown. Sarang looking dapper, sported a dashing deep blue tuxedo to match his beautiful bride.  Months of planning and hard work by the bride’s family and event coordinator extraordinaire, Event Architects, had finally come to fruition and the results were simply breathtaking! From the eight-foot photo booth backdrop of Nikki & Sarang, a photograph from the engagement session we shot in the spring of last year, to the stunning décor inside and outside of the ballroom. Check out the gorgeous details:  the elegant flower-draped wall on the stage, flower canopied sweetheart table,  the Black & White photo cake designed by Chateau Luxe’s Chef Kaushik,  the wishing tree, table décor with three gorgeously designed centerpieces to the dessert station, complete with an array of desserts and an ice cream bar.  Just before their entrance, the bride changed into another dazzling outfit. The evening went on with high energy dance performances from the couple's friends, a special song by the groom’s sister and heartfelt speeches.  Love is literally in the air as the bride and groom were celebrated by their families and friends.  Sarang and Nikki’s love was palpable as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. Guests dined on sumptuous buffets. The party exploded with excitement as 3D Sounds whipped the crowd into a frenzy as they played their music with dazzling lights. It was so much fun to see our couple as they danced with their guests and enjoyed this unforgettable evening.  We hope you enjoyed this multi-post series of this sweet couple’s multi-day celebration. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Koushik! 

Vendor information is included at the end of this post.


NikkiSarangReception002NikkiSarangReception002 NikkiSarangReception003NikkiSarangReception003 NikkiSarangReception004NikkiSarangReception004 NikkiSarangReception005NikkiSarangReception005 NikkiSarangReception006NikkiSarangReception006 NikkiSarangReception007NikkiSarangReception007 NikkiSarangReception008NikkiSarangReception008 NikkiSarangReception009NikkiSarangReception009 NikkiSarangReception010NikkiSarangReception010 NikkiSarangReception011NikkiSarangReception011 NikkiSarangReception012NikkiSarangReception012 NikkiSarangReception013NikkiSarangReception013 NikkiSarangReception014NikkiSarangReception014 NikkiSarangReception015NikkiSarangReception015 NikkiSarangReception016NikkiSarangReception016 NikkiSarangReception017NikkiSarangReception017 NikkiSarangReception018NikkiSarangReception018 NikkiSarangReception019NikkiSarangReception019 NikkiSarangReception020NikkiSarangReception020 NikkiSarangReception021NikkiSarangReception021 NikkiSarangReception022NikkiSarangReception022 NikkiSarangReception023NikkiSarangReception023 NikkiSarangReception024NikkiSarangReception024 NikkiSarangReception025NikkiSarangReception025

LightRain Images, a Phoenix wedding photographer, captures priceless imagery all around Arizona, the USA, and is available for destination weddings worldwide.

Wedding Professional Vendors:

Venue:  Chateau Luxe
Décor:   Lupe Krikorian
Wedding Planner:  Seema Syed , Event Architects
Henna:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi
Hair & Make-Up:  Pooja Mehta, Makiaj Beauty
DJ:  Amit Kotecha, 3D Sounds
Videographer:  Skyler Pierpoint, Skypoint Productions
Photographer: Lilet Hamp and team, LightRain Images

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Wedding Photographer Chateau Luxe Indian Indian weddings LightRain Images Weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer South Asian bride South Asian weddings Southwest weddings Weddings bride reception Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:04:43 GMT
Safia + Alyshah | Imperial Dunes, Arizona Engagement Shoot Safia & Alyshah's Engagement Shoot at the Dunes

On a cold December afternoon, we ventured out to the dunes for the first time to photograph this sweet couple’s E-session.  We always love collaborating with our clients and encourage ideas to make their dream weddings and engagement shoots come true. The more legendary and epic, the better. So, when Safia and Alyshah came to us with the idea of shooting in the dunes between Arizona and California, we jumped at the chance.  It was fun (albeit a little challenging) to climb the mountains of sand, our feet sinking with each step as we climbed higher and higher to the tops of the steep and sharply carved dunes.  With the drone flying overhead, we captured these priceless moments of our couple having fun enjoying this relaxed special time looking their best in the spectacular and unique landscape.  Like the sands of time, the dunes are endlessly changing and transforming into surreal shapes by the the wind.  


Enjoy the serene, calm and beautiful scenery.  The cold weather, gorgeous sunset, the sea of sand…almost a month to the day and I am still feeling the sand in my shoes and coat.  All worth it of course! Keep scrolling for more photos :)

For the drone footage, see below:

Engagement Photography and Video in the Sand Dunes from LightRain Images on Vimeo.

  002JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016002JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 003JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016003JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 004JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016004JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 005JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016005JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 006JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016006JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 007JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016007JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 008JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016008JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 009JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016009JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 010JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016010JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 011aJiwaniSAEshoot-12172016011aJiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 011JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016011JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 012JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016012JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 013JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016013JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 014JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016014JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 015JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016015JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 016JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016016JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 017JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016017JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 018JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016018JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 020JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016020JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 022JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016022JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016 023JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016023JiwaniSAEshoot-12172016
On a side note, in his preoccupation flying the drone, Glenn unknowingly dropped his phone and the sand quickly covered it, never to be found. It’s okay, it was time he got a new phone anyway. What a beautiful unique shoot that was! Now we are excited to photograph and film the wedding events of these two lovebirds this weekend!  It’s going to be amazing for sure! J

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Sat, 07 Jan 2017 00:48:32 GMT
Merry Christmas!!! We love when our clients send us Christmas cards! :) Wishing you all the best of the holiday season!♥

Our Bride and Groom Alums: Snehal & Trusha (2006); Pat and Praz (2016) Thanks guys!!!♥♥♥

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Nikki Weds Sarang Day Three - Wedding Day Nikki Weds Sarang Day Three - Wedding Day


November 25, 2016 dawned clear and cool in classic Arizona fall fashion and the LightRain Images photographic team was excited to photograph day three of Nikki and Sarang’s Indian wedding and Baraat.  This day’s events were being held outdoor at the newly built The Garden at Chateau Luxe in North Phoenix, in the Valley of the Sun.  

Nikki and Sarang got ready at their respective beautifully lighted and spacious bride and groom suites.  The groom’s room is provided with a billiards table designed to keep him and his groomsmen happy while the gorgeous bride made the final preparations with her bridal party in their two dressing rooms.

It was mid-morning when Sarang mounted a majestic and beautifully decorated white horse and the Baraat music began to play.  A dohl drummer added to the excitement of the large crowd of family and friends who were ready to dance and lead Sarang in toward the bride’s family and the wedding ceremony.  After a warm welcome by the huge crowd of bride’s friends and family, Sarang entered the magnificent ceremony site and was seated under the beautiful mandap.

At last, the moment Nikki and Sarang had been waiting for and planning for many months arrived as Nikki, the gorgeous bride, in her incredible bridal sari was walked down the aisle of flowers first by her special male relatives, then by her father. A Hindu priest performed the ceremony and brought this beautiful couple into married life. 

After the ceremony, a scrumptious lunch was provided right at the garden for their 500+ guests with several food and dessert stations. What a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony it was! Enjoy and stay tuned for the big reception night!

001_weddingKoushikblog001_weddingKoushikblog 002_weddingKoushikblog002_weddingKoushikblog 003_weddingKoushikblog003_weddingKoushikblog 004_weddingKoushikblog004_weddingKoushikblog 005_weddingKoushikblog005_weddingKoushikblog 006_weddingKoushikblog006_weddingKoushikblog 007_weddingKoushikblog007_weddingKoushikblog 008_weddingKoushikblog008_weddingKoushikblog
For their private first look, Nikki and Sarang met at the side garden lined with trees.  This is always a swoon-worthy moment (even for us!) for our sweet couple as you can see. Don’t they make such a handsome couple? You could really feel the love and excitement!  009_weddingKoushikblog009_weddingKoushikblog 010_weddingKoushikblog010_weddingKoushikblog 011_weddingKoushikblog011_weddingKoushikblog 012_weddingKoushikblog012_weddingKoushikblog 013_weddingKoushikblog013_weddingKoushikblog 014_weddingKoushikblog014_weddingKoushikblog 015_weddingKoushikblog015_weddingKoushikblog 016_weddingKoushikblog016_weddingKoushikblog 017_weddingKoushikblog017_weddingKoushikblog 018_weddingKoushikblog018_weddingKoushikblog 019_weddingKoushikblog019_weddingKoushikblog 020_weddingKoushikblog020_weddingKoushikblog 021_weddingKoushikblog021_weddingKoushikblog 022_weddingKoushikblog022_weddingKoushikblog 023_weddingKoushikblog023_weddingKoushikblog 024_weddingKoushikblog024_weddingKoushikblog 025_weddingKoushikblog025_weddingKoushikblog 026_weddingKoushikblog026_weddingKoushikblog 027_weddingKoushikblog027_weddingKoushikblog 028_weddingKoushikblog028_weddingKoushikblog 029_weddingKoushikblog029_weddingKoushikblog 030_weddingKoushikblog030_weddingKoushikblog 031_weddingKoushikblog031_weddingKoushikblog


Wedding Professional Vendors:

Venue:  Deepika Saigal & team, Chateau Luxe
Wedding Planner:  Seema Syed, Event Architects
Florals & Decor: Lupe Krikorian
Baraat Horse: Kristin Kinney, KC's Classic Carriages Company LLC
Specialty Items: Us to U Rentals (mandap, arch, chairs, elephants, pedestals)
Henna:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi
Hair & Make-Up:  Pooja Mehta, Makiaj Beauty
DJ & Lighting: Amit Kotecha, 3D Sounds
Videographers:  Skyler Pierpoint, Skypoint Productions
Photographers: Lilet Hamp & team, LightRain Images 


[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Wedding Photographer Indian Weddings LightRain Images Weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer South Asian Brides Weddings Sun, 11 Dec 2016 20:45:07 GMT
Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two - Sangeet Party Nikki Weds Sarang - Day Two – Sangeet Party

On day two of Nikki and Sarang’s wedding celebration, a spectacular Sangeet party was thrown at a close family friends house.  Deepika, a well-known rock star in the Indian wedding industry put together an amazing event in her gorgeous palace lakeside residence.  In addition to the fantastic décor, food and drink, there was terrific program filled with music and laughter as Nikki and Sarang were toasted and roasted by some of their closest friends and relatives.  It was great capturing all the priceless memories on photographs for the couple and families. 

001-NikkiSarang-Sangeet001-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 002-NikkiSarang-Sangeet002-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 003-NikkiSarang-Sangeet003-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 004-NikkiSarang-Sangeet004-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 005-NikkiSarang-Sangeet005-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 006-NikkiSarang-Sangeet006-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 007-NikkiSarang-Sangeet007-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 008-NikkiSarang-Sangeet008-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 009-NikkiSarang-Sangeet009-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 010-NikkiSarang-Sangeet010-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 011-NikkiSarang-Sangeet011-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 012-NikkiSarang-Sangeet012-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 013-NikkiSarang-Sangeet013-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 014-NikkiSarang-Sangeet014-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 015-NikkiSarang-Sangeet015-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 016-NikkiSarang-Sangeet016-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 017-NikkiSarang-Sangeet017-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 018-NikkiSarang-Sangeet018-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 019-NikkiSarang-Sangeet019-NikkiSarang-Sangeet 020-NikkiSarang-Sangeet020-NikkiSarang-Sangeet
Wedding Professionals:

Venue & Decor:  Deepika Saigal residence, owner of Chateau Luxe

Hair and Make-up:  Ahseia Adina

Caterer: Chennai Chettinad

DJ:  DJ ADI, In the Mix Entertainment

Videographer:  Skyler Pierpoint and team, Skypoint Productions

Photographers:  Lilet Hamp  and team, LightRain Images


Stay tuned for the BIG day and thanks for stopping by!

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Nikki Weds Sarang | Indian Wedding | Scottsdale, Arizona- Day One Nikki Weds Sarang, Scottsdale Arizona – Day 1 – Pithi & Mehendi

Nikki and Sarang’s wedding festivities has been a much-anticipated event at LightRain Images since the beginning of the year.  As their event planning unfolded, executed flawlessly by her mom Shilpa and hired wedding pros, we grew more excited and couldn’t wait for the wedding week.  Here we begin with the first day of festivities starting with the  pithi and haldi ceremony in the morning to the mehendi party at night.  The bride’s beautiful home was strikingly decorated with a multitude of flowers, garlands, string lights and colored silk fabrics.  The backyard was simply enchanting, we’re sure you’ll agree.
001-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi001-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 002-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi002-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi
003-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi003-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 004-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi004-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi
006-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi006-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 30
009-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi009-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 010-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi010-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 011-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi011-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 012-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi012-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 013-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi013-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 014-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi014-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 015-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi015-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 016-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi016-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 017-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi017-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 018-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi018-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 019-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi019-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 020-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi020-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 021-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi021-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 022-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi022-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi 023-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi023-NikkiSarangVidhiMehndi

Mehendi Artist:  Purvi Galiya, Henna by Purvi

Hair & Make-up Artist:  Ahseia Adina

Caterer:  Chennai Chettinad

Decor:  Lupe

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Haldi Haldi ceremony Henna Indian Wedding LightRain Images Weddings Mehendi Party Phoenix Wedding Photographer Pithi Wed, 07 Dec 2016 23:02:16 GMT
Chandni & Jay Wedding at Ekta Mandir in Phoenix, Arizona A beautiful series of celebrations and ceremonies starting November 23, 2016 led up to the gorgeous and unforgettable wedding of Chandni Kapadia and Jay Raval photographed and video recorded by LightRain Images on November 26 at the Ekta Mandir and Indo American Reception Hall.

It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph and video record the Mehndi application, Haldi ceremony, Mehndi party, the Garba, the Baraat, wedding and the reception.  Chandni chose the Glendale Historical Society with its distinctive rose gardens and date palms for the reveal moment.  After their romantic their first look and reveal, Jay and Chandni had some great creative photographs with the endless flora for backdrops, then the wedding party joined in for some great fun photographs of the couple posing with their closest friends and relatives.  After this fun photo session the wedding party headed to Ekta Mandir Hindu Temple and the Baraat where Jay rode in on a Masarati! The events were spectacular and we were able to sample some amazing Indian food after each of the events.

Our team of photographers and videographers are passionate about creatively capturing our clients priceless memories and we feel that every couple deserves to proudly show off their images and video to friends and family.  At LightRain Images, a Phoenix wedding photographer, we believe that capturing images to last a lifetime is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Our clients cherish their images and over the years come to treasure their photographs, albums and videos.

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Mehndi Henna PhotographyIMG_7938Mehndi Application IMG_8156IMG_8156 Haldi TurmericIMG_8898Photograph of Haldi and Turmeric application.

Mehndi Party La PrincesaIMG_9484Mehndi party at La Princesa Phoenix IMG_9494IMG_9494

Garba Photography Indo American Hall PhoenixGarbaGarba at Indo American Hall




Hindu Groom Indian weddingJay squared away in military garb for the wedding.Indian wedding groom IMG_0783IMG_0783 Indian bride photoBeautiful Indian BrideChandni, the beautiful bride ready to be married to Jay.


First look revealFirst LookTwo seconds before the reveal.



Indian bride bridesmaidsWedding Party PhotographsIndian bride and bride's maids at Glendale Historical Society. Indian bride bridesmaidsWedding Party PhotographsIndian bride and bride's maids at Glendale Historical Society.

IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona IMG_1203Ekta Mandir PhoenixHindu Wedding at Ekta Mandir Temple Phoenix Arizona

Hindu wedding receptionWedding ReceptionIndo American Hall wedding reception and party in Phoenix Arizona, photographed by LightRain Iamges Hindu wedding receptionWedding ReceptionIndo American Hall wedding reception and party in Phoenix Arizona, photographed by LightRain Iamges

First Dance on a cloudFirst Dance on a CloudHindu couple's first dance with at Indo American Hall. Cloud and lighting by DeeJay Isaac.


Hindu wedding receptionWedding ReceptionIndo American Hall wedding reception and party in Phoenix Arizona, photographed by LightRain Iamges Hindu wedding receptionWedding ReceptionIndo American Hall wedding reception and party in Phoenix Arizona, photographed by LightRain Iamges

Professional Vendors:

Venues:  Ekta Mandir & Indo-American Hall

DJ:  DJ Isaac, Hyper-Productions DJs

Photographer: LightRain Images 

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Ekta Indian Maharani Mandir Phoenix Wedding Photographer Photos Wedding bride groom groomsmen wedding Tue, 06 Dec 2016 02:04:21 GMT
Jennifer and Ambar's wedding at Four Seasons Scottsdale, Arizona Jennifer and Ambar's One Year Wedding Anniversary – Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale Arizona

It has been a very short year since the spectacular and unforgettable wedding of Jennifer Verma and Ambar Matta on December 5, 2015.  The gorgeous couple was married on a beautiful Arizona day just north of Phoenix at the unique and enchanting Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale.  The Four Seasons Resort is nestled in the couture desert surrounded by giant boulders, saguaro and cactus.  LightRain Images, a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, had a team of photographers working to capture every priceless moment and the beautiful décor of the multi-day events which included a Mehndi party at the private residence of the Vermas in Scottsdale, a Sangeet party at Olive and Ivy in Scottsdale and the Wedding and reception at the Four Seasons Resort.

The setting for the wedding was outside in the cool sunny fall Arizona weather with a spectacular view of Pinnacle Peak behind the mandap.

At LightRain Images we have a passion for storytelling by capturing photographic images of our client couples in all their events making them look their absolute best. We believe engagement and wedding photography is a big part of a couples love story.  We feel every couple should be proud to show off their wedding photographs to friends and family and to treasure their memories for a lifetime.

Also, be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page for updates and the latest with LRI!

Jennifer and Ambar from LightRain Images on Vimeo.

Wedding Professionals:

Wedding Planner:  Charlee Geisler, Signature Events

Venue:  Jaime Tennant-Catering Sales Manager, Four Seasons Scottsdale

Florist: Tamara, Petal Pushers

DJ:  Raj, Sound Nation

Videographer:  April Robles, Robles Video Productions

Photographers:  Lilet & Glenn Hamp, LightRain Images and Team

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Wedding Photographer Indian LightRain Images Weddings Maharani Phoenix Wedding Photographer Weddings bride groomsmen wedding weddings Mon, 05 Dec 2016 07:32:00 GMT
Jennifer and Ambar’s Southern California Dream Engagement Photography ENG-AB321bw_MattaJA08012015ENG-AB321bw_MattaJA08012015 It was an amazing and enchanting afternoon and evening photographing Jennifer and Ambar with some beautiful backdrops in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles.  LightRain Images, a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, loves collaborating with client couples to find the type of locations and backdrops that capture the essence of who they are and what they are all about.  We have a passion for storytelling and we believe the engagement photography session is a big part of a couples love story.  Enjoy the images below and make sure to check out the image created as the camera (and us) were completely soaked by oncoming waves!

01ENG-AB200_MattaJA0801201501ENG-AB200_MattaJA08012015 02ENG-AB220_MattaJA0801201502ENG-AB220_MattaJA08012015 07ENG-AB024_MattaJA0801201507ENG-AB024_MattaJA08012015 04ENG-AB367_MattaJA0801201504ENG-AB367_MattaJA08012015 06ENG-AB021_MattaJA0801201506ENG-AB021_MattaJA08012015 05ENG-AB015_MattaJA0801201505ENG-AB015_MattaJA08012015 Jennifer and Ambar will be married in December at The Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North, Arizona, but are currently living in Southern California and wanted to capture some of the beautiful backdrops of the Golden State.  We readily agreed and were enthusiastic to photograph them in breathtaking backgrounds.  We captured a wide ranged of imagery, from dreamy to fun!  It was a wonderful relaxing time and a great way to get to know Jennifer and Ambar better and learn what a great fun couple they were.  


The waves were so unpredictable, the shot below was made with my camera taking the equivalent of an ALS bucket challenge.  Thank goodness for sturdy reliably made professional DSLRs!


10ENG-GP006_MattaJA0801201510ENG-GP006_MattaJA08012015 11ENG-GP008_MattaJA0801201511ENG-GP008_MattaJA08012015 12ENG-GP025_MattaJA0801201512ENG-GP025_MattaJA08012015 14ENG-GP031_MattaJA0801201514ENG-GP031_MattaJA08012015 13ENG-GP030_MattaJA0801201513ENG-GP030_MattaJA08012015 15web-ENG-GP014_MattaJA0801201515web-ENG-GP014_MattaJA08012015 16ENG-GP106crp_MattaJA0801201516ENG-GP106crp_MattaJA08012015 17ENG-GP141_MattaJA0801201517ENG-GP141_MattaJA08012015 18ENG-WD005_MattaJA0801201518ENG-WD005_MattaJA08012015

It's now close to midnight when we were approached by security and were told we cannot take pictures on their property (simply because we looked pros with our tripod).  So the shot below was our version of "Talk to the hand.."  And with that we wrapped our fabulous engagement shoot with this sweet couple.  Looking forward to Jennifer and Ambar's wedding in Arizona with the beautiful view of the Pinnacle Peak as their backdrop. 19web-IMG_1209-219web-IMG_1209-2

Thanks for stopping by! :) Please be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page for the latest updates on LightRain Images.

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Wedding Photographer Destination Engagement Session LightRain Images Weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer Weddings Wed, 16 Sep 2015 02:10:38 GMT
Engagement Photography at Canyon Lake Marissa and Mark chose the beautiful and rugged Canyon Lake area to have their professional engagement photography session with LightRain Images photography.  We love collaborating with our clients to capture them in the best possible light and in an environment that says something about them, their interests or simply an area with backdrops that they love. We also encourage them to wear clothing that makes a statement about them and their lifestyle.


Canyon Lake, just east of Phoenix, Arizona is nestled in the beautiful mountains, cliffs and boulders near Tortilla Flats.  Surrounded by desert flora and fauna we imagined the distant howl of the coyotes beyond the numerous saguaros and cacti.

001_MG_3112001_MG_3112 002ENG_078-WestMM06292015002ENG_078-WestMM06292015 003ENG_125drm-WestMM06292015003ENG_125drm-WestMM06292015 004ENG_146-WestMM06292015004ENG_146-WestMM06292015 005ENG_150-WestMM06292015005ENG_150-WestMM06292015 006ENG_157-WestMM06292015006ENG_157-WestMM06292015 007ENG_161-WestMM06292015007ENG_161-WestMM06292015 008ENG_172-WestMM06292015008ENG_172-WestMM06292015 010ENG_212-WestMM06292015010ENG_212-WestMM06292015

Needless to say, the beautiful backdrops of the couture desert and lake were endless and we had a great time exploring the views of the lake, including the south side bluffs, the old steel truss bridge and the beach on the east side.  Marissa and Mark brought a change of clothes and some cool cowboy boots which were the perfect shoes to wear in this western desert environment.

013ENG_289-WestMM06292015013ENG_289-WestMM06292015 012ENG_284-WestMM06292015012ENG_284-WestMM06292015 014ENG_300-WestMM06292015014ENG_300-WestMM06292015 015ENG_324-WestMM06292015015ENG_324-WestMM06292015 016ENG_329-WestMM06292015016ENG_329-WestMM06292015

It was nice at the end of the shoot to dip our feet in the cool water of Canyon Lake on this warm summer evening. Even the moon made a spectacular appearance against the dark blue twilight sky.
017ENG_432-WestMM06292015017ENG_432-WestMM06292015 018ENG_450-WestMM06292015018ENG_450-WestMM06292015 019ENG_454bw-WestMM06292015019ENG_454bw-WestMM06292015 020moon_0390020moon_0390



[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Engagement Photographer Chandler wedding Photographer Engagement photographer Phoenix Wedding Photographer Fri, 28 Aug 2015 19:08:41 GMT
Mirah & Govind | Sedona Engagement- Part 2 Tlaquepaque LightRain Images, Arizona wedding photographers, love to collaborate with their clients to come up with creative engagement and wedding photos.


Remember Govind and Mirah, the adventurous couple who were game enough to climb Cathedral Rock in Sedona for their engagement shoot?  This is the first set of photos taken around town and mostly at the beautiful famous marketplace at Tlaquepaque.  They brought their adorable pooch, Lola, who may just have stolen the scene from her gorgeous "mom and dad".  We couldn't get enough of her, as well as the passersby who just had to say hello. :)

It was a simply perfect day photographing these threesome in perfect weather, perfect details, with cake and wine and perfectly styled outfits by Mirah.  Don't you just love Govind's bow tie, Mirah's cute skirt and Lola's adorable matching collar? Well done guys!  We are so excited for your wedding!

01Eng-007_RangaswamiMG0222201501Eng-007_RangaswamiMG02222015 02Blog Collage-143996368647502Blog Collage-1439963686475 04Blog Collage-144001202721804Blog Collage-1440012027218 05Blog Collage-144001106516305Blog Collage-1440011065163 06Eng-301_RangaswamiMG0222201506Eng-301_RangaswamiMG02222015 07Eng-271_RangaswamiMG0222201507Eng-271_RangaswamiMG02222015 08Eng-393_RangaswamiMG0222201508Eng-393_RangaswamiMG02222015 09Blog Collage-143996429528509Blog Collage-1439964295285 10Eng-208_RangaswamiMG0222201510Eng-208_RangaswamiMG02222015 11Eng-212_RangaswamiMG0222201511Eng-212_RangaswamiMG02222015 12Eng-237_RangaswamiMG0222201512Eng-237_RangaswamiMG02222015 13Eng-319_RangaswamiMG0222201513Eng-319_RangaswamiMG02222015 14Eng-339_RangaswamiMG0222201514Eng-339_RangaswamiMG02222015 15Eng-380_RangaswamiMG0222201515Eng-380_RangaswamiMG02222015 16Eng-353_RangaswamiMG0222201516Eng-353_RangaswamiMG02222015 17Eng-359_RangaswamiMG0222201517Eng-359_RangaswamiMG02222015 18Eng-470_RangaswamiMG0222201518Eng-470_RangaswamiMG02222015 19Blog Collagelogo-144001312062919Blog Collagelogo-1440013120629 20Eng-524_RangaswamiMG0222201520Eng-524_RangaswamiMG02222015 21Blog-Collage-143996401532021Blog-Collage-1439964015320 22Eng-596_RangaswamiMG0222201522Eng-596_RangaswamiMG02222015 23Eng-606_RangaswamiMG0222201523Eng-606_RangaswamiMG02222015 24Eng-682_RangaswamiMG0222201524Eng-682_RangaswamiMG02222015 25Eng-664bw_RangaswamiMG0222201525Eng-664bw_RangaswamiMG02222015

And that's a wrap folks! Thanks for stopping by:) Eng-562_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-562_RangaswamiMG02222015

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Most Interesting and Beautiful After Wedding Photography Session – 10 Years AFTER! Many brides and grooms have a photography session AFTER their wedding day.  This session is more playful and relaxed because the stress of the wedding day is over and there are no longer hundreds of eyes focused on their every move.  The time constraints of the wedding day are over as well so it allows more creativity and more spontaneous ideas as the photography progresses.   These sessions have been called Trash the Dress and some brides go a little too crazy, in our opinion, rolling on grass or even mud! We don’t think a bride should risk damaging her precious wedding dress like that, but we do love it when they are willing to do adventurous, creative things in unusual places, like float in the water at the beach or dance like no one is watching!

Fun loving and athletic, Candy and Chad are the type of couple that we love to photograph!  Their 10th anniversary was approaching and because they loved their LightRain Images wedding photos so much, they asked us to capture a creative after wedding photo session.  Candy wanted to get back into her gorgeous wedding dress and relive some of the wedding magic, but with a more creative adventurous twist.   Being avid wakeboarders, they wanted to incorporate their favorite sport and their favorite vacation spot on the Colorado River in Laughlin Nevada.   What an incredible idea it turned out to be!  






After photographing the couple on a little secluded beach and capturing a beautiful sunset and gorgeous deep blue twilight, we powered up the river above the Laughlin Casinos.  Shutting off the engine, Chad and Candy got out of the boat and floated downriver with the spectacular lights of the casinos as a backdrop to their watery playground.  What a glorious, fun and exciting shoot!  We captured hundreds of photos for their anniversary “after wedding” photography session.  The more we did and the more they saw the results in camera, the more Candy and Chad said "Wow! Let's try this. And "What about if did that?" 

We love collaborating with our clients to provide more than a great, high quality photography session, but also a spectacular lifetime experience. 

_MG_4023_MG_4023 _MG_4054_MG_4054 _MG_4028_MG_4028 _MG_4060_MG_4060 _MG_4067_MG_4067 _MG_4049_MG_4049 _MG_4085_MG_4085 _MG_4096_MG_4096


_MG_4148_MG_4148 _MG_4169_MG_4169 _MG_4184_MG_4184 _MG_4195_MG_4195 _MG_4202_MG_4202 _MG_4225_MG_4225 _MG_4264_MG_4264 _MG_4278_MG_4278

_MG_4298_MG_4298 _MG_4323_MG_4323

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Kati and Ryan's Engagement and Wedding Photography at Different Pointe of View, Phoenix It was a beautiful, cool and cloudy day at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix and Kati was preparing to walk down the aisle to tie the knot with Ryan.  They chose A Different Pointe of View, the famous five star Phoenix restaurant high atop the Hilton resort with spectacular views of the valley of the sun, sunset and the city lights.  Kati and Ryan wanted to take full advantage of the spectacular views of the afternoon and evening and have their guests enjoy the wonderful Arizona spring weather. 

Great wedding and engagement photography was very important to Kati and Ryan and we had the opportunity to custom design their guest sign-in book for their wedding using their favorites from the engagement shoot.

Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement Arizona engagement session01_eng-530_RothKR-09232014Kati & Ryan Engagement

Kati chose the whole purple family of colors for her wedding motif, succulents for flowers and a gorgeous heart shaped backless, lace dress.  The couple chose to have a private and very romantic first look at a pretty narrow walkway leading to the restaurant where Kati revealed her beautiful wedding gown. Kati and Ryan couldn't have chosen a more breathtaking location with its gorgeous panoramic view for the ceremony, cocktails and reception. The clouds cleared for a spectacular sunset and the view of the twinkling city lights and the wedding party and guests danced the night away to their favorite music. To top the night off, Kati & Ryan did a walk through the scenic patio overlooking the city with their guests and everyone waving sparklers and cheering for the new married couple.  It was another glorious, successful wedding to remember and we were so honored to be a part of it.  Congratulations to the newly minted Mr. & Mrs. Roths!
08_Favs-040_RothsKR-0425201508_Favs-040_RothsKR-04252015 09_Favs-006_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy09_Favs-006_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 10_Blog-Collage-143870452745710_Blog-Collage-1438704527457 11_Favs-015_RothsKR-0425201511_Favs-015_RothsKR-04252015 12_Favs-019_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy12_Favs-019_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 13_Favs-022_RothsKR-0425201513_Favs-022_RothsKR-04252015 14_Favs-055_RothsKR-0425201514_Favs-055_RothsKR-04252015 15_Blog Collage-143870555045115_Blog Collage-1438705550451 16_Favs-068_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy16_Favs-068_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 17_Favs-071_RothsKR-0425201517_Favs-071_RothsKR-04252015 18_Favs-093_RothsKR-0425201518_Favs-093_RothsKR-04252015 19_Blog-Collage-143870429140719_Blog-Collage-1438704291407 20_Favs-083_RothsKR-0425201520_Favs-083_RothsKR-04252015 21_BG-051_RothsKR0426201521_BG-051_RothsKR04262015 22_BG-063_RothsKR0426201522_BG-063_RothsKR04262015
23_Favs-159_RothsKR-0425201523_Favs-159_RothsKR-04252015 24_Favs-120_RothsKR-0425201524_Favs-120_RothsKR-04252015 25_Favs-107_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy25_Favs-107_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 26_Favs-110_RothsKR-0425201526_Favs-110_RothsKR-04252015 27_Favs-114_RothsKR-0425201527_Favs-114_RothsKR-04252015 28_Favs-133_RothsKR-0425201528_Favs-133_RothsKR-04252015 29_bouquet29_bouquet 30_Favs-138_RothsKR-0425201530_Favs-138_RothsKR-04252015 31_Favs-148_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy31_Favs-148_RothsKR-04252015 - Copy 32_Favs-145_RothsKR-0425201532_Favs-145_RothsKR-04252015 33_Blog Collage-143870427243833_Blog Collage-1438704272438
Blog Collage-1438715476130Ceremony Strings QuartetAllegro String Quartet 34_Favs-196_RothsKR-0425201534_Favs-196_RothsKR-04252015 35_Blog-Collage-143870412785135_Blog-Collage-1438704127851 36_cer-226_RothsKR-0426201536_cer-226_RothsKR-04262015 37_Blog Collage-143870490242037_Blog Collage-1438704902420 38_Favs-278_RothsKR-0425201538_Favs-278_RothsKR-04252015 39_Favs-286_RothsKR-0425201539_Favs-286_RothsKR-04252015 40_Favs-314_RothsKR-0425201540_Favs-314_RothsKR-04252015 41_Favs-321_RothsKR-0425201541_Favs-321_RothsKR-04252015 43_Favs-291_RothsKR-0425201543_Favs-291_RothsKR-04252015 44_cake44_cake 45_Favs-344_RothsKR-0425201545_Favs-344_RothsKR-04252015 46_Favs-354_RothsKR-0425201546_Favs-354_RothsKR-04252015 47_Favs-357_RothsKR-0425201547_Favs-357_RothsKR-04252015 48_Favs-360_RothsKR-0425201548_Favs-360_RothsKR-04252015 49_Favs-371_RothsKR-0425201549_Favs-371_RothsKR-04252015 50_Favs-326_RothsKR-0425201550_Favs-326_RothsKR-04252015 51_Favs-327_RothsKR-0425201551_Favs-327_RothsKR-04252015

42_Ryan & Kati42_Ryan & Kati

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Traci Fox, A Different Pointe of View

Venue:  A Different Pointe of View

Wedding Flowers, Decor & Favors:  Jonni Gilbraith, Mother of the Bride

Invitation:  JWD Paperie

Bridal Dress:  Allure Bridal from La Bella Bridal

Tuxedos:  Men's Wearhouse

Make-up and Hair:  Kensington

Officiant:  Mike Kennedy, Wedding Ceremonies

Caterer:  A Different Pointe of View

Cake:  Lara Coleman, A Different Pointe of View

DJ:  Ray the DJ

String Quartet:  Allegro String Quartet

Wedding Photographers: Lilet & Glenn Hamp, LightRain Images




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Best Wedding Photographers in Phoenix The photography team at LightRain Images was pleasantly surprised last week by one of our brides posting an article on our Face Book news feed showing that LightRain Images was named one of the 10 best wedding photographers in Phoenix!  It was a nice surprise and an honor to be recognized by The Top 10 Best Wedding Vendors.

We are not sure of the selection criteria or exactly who owns this on-line magazine, but we were not solicited for an ad, so we might as well enjoy the honor to be ranked along side other wonderfully skilled photographers.  :  )

Now, back to post production, Photoshop and graphic design work making our clients look stunning in the breathtaking backdrops we love photographing. 



[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Best Wedding Photographers East Valley Wedding photographer Phoenix Wedding Photographer Thu, 30 Jul 2015 19:36:57 GMT
Tempe Engagement Photography

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Sedona Engagement Shoot - Part 1 We love to collaborate with our clients and encourage interesting and unusual settings that capture the essence of who they are and what they like. On one of our recent wonderful engagement photo shoots in Sedona, Arizona, our adventurous couple enthusiastically agreed to hike to a very scenic lookout high up between two towering red rocks.   


The peaks are perfectly positioned with the gap at the correct angle for the setting sun to settle right in the chasm at this time of year making for a gorgeous sunset backdrop.  The hike was rigorous, but not too terribly difficult and was well worth it as we enjoyed the view of the valleys and mountains in the distance and made good use of the spectacular surroundings and sunset as we photographed hundred of poses and angles.  Mirah and Govind even brought a change of clothes to show off the beautiful traditional Indian wedding outfits in this spectacular scene. 

Eng-839_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-839_RangaswamiMG02222015 Eng-700_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-700_RangaswamiMG02222015 Eng-881_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-881_RangaswamiMG02222015

The hike back down the mountain was done carefully with flashlights, but we made numerous stops to enjoy and to photograph the billions of stars overhead.  What a great life experience for this wonderful couple and for us.  We felt very privileged to capture this unique photo session with them and are looking forward to some breathtaking wedding photography.  

Eng-879_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-879_RangaswamiMG02222015 Eng-793_RangaswamiMG02222015Eng-793_RangaswamiMG02222015

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Are You the One for Me? Actual LightRain Images clients explain in their own words.

Phoenix Engagement Photography - The ONE from LightRain Images on Vimeo.

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Encanterra Wedding Photography

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Chandler Wedding Photographer Encanterra Wedding Photography Encanterra Wedding Photos Phoenix Wedding Photographer San Tan Valley Wedding Photographer San Tan Valley Wedding Photos Mon, 07 Jul 2014 00:18:05 GMT
Phoenix Wedding Photographs and Video

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Boyce Thompson Arboretum and The Views at Superstition Wedding | Regina & Joe’s Wedding Story 000BoyceArboretum_TheViews

Regina and Joe‘s Arizona wedding and reception happened on a beautiful autumn day in November of 2012. Yes, I am just catching up on our blog posts that I needed to put up. There are so many I want to share with you all, now that I am ‘trapped’ in the scorching heat of  this balmy 122F Saturday:-). Glenn and I so enjoyed photographing this sweet couple’s wedding. Joe has a love for wildflowers and Regina pulled off elegant DIY touches that you will see  throughout the photos. The most memorable moment about this wedding was the spectacular sunset we were blessed with just before their grand entrance. Such beauty captured forever with our lovely couple on the best day of their lives.

Here are a few things they shared  about themselves and their experiences:

How did you two meet?
A mutual friend of ours, who was leading worship at another church, asked Regina to sing. Joe was playing electric guitar at the same church.

When did you guys know you were right for each other?
Regina- I knew because Joe was always there for me and really supported me through some of the worst times of my life.
Joe- I knew when Regina took care of me when I was really sick and told me to not worry about a thing.

What made you choose your particular vendors?
We chose our vendors through preferred vendors lists, people we knew, recommendations from others (bridesmaids), and through researching places we thought we’d love and visited in the past. Everyone we met and worked with were absolutely fantastic and had our best interest in mind. Everything was executed perfectly and it was because of our vendors. (Boyce Thompson Arboretum, The Views at Superstition, Got You Covered DJ, The Wild Iris, Straight to the Plate, Lisa’s Rum Cake, Azteca Bridal, and LightRain Images of course!!)

001BoyceArboretum_TheViews 002BoyceArboretum_TheViews 003BoyceArboretum_TheViews 004BoyceArboretum_TheViews 005BoyceArboretum_TheViews 006BoyceArboretum_TheViews 007BoyceArboretum_TheViews 008BoyceArboretum_TheViews

What made you decide on choosing LightRain Images as your photographers?
We saw them first through the preferred vendors list from The Views. We had been calling and researching several different photographers and just didn’t find what we wanted in terms of price and the quality of photos. After we found LightRain through the vendors list we decided to take a look at the website and see if we liked the photos. We were very impressed at how they didn’t wash out any of the photos which would mean that the wedding dress would stand out, and how they captured some special moments from previous weddings. The colors were very rich and the lighting was great in a lot of the photos. After we met we realized how amazing this couple seemed and how they really seem to work well together. We were very confident in them as our photographers and the photos turned out great!

009BoyceArboretum_TheViews 010BoyceArboretum_TheViews 011BoyceArboretum_TheViews 012BoyceArboretum_TheViews 013BoyceArboretum_TheViews 014BoyceArboretum_TheViews 015BoyceArboretum_TheViews 016BoyceArboretum_TheViews 017BoyceArboretum_TheViews 018BoyceArboretum_TheViews 019BoyceArboretum_TheViews 020BoyceArboretum_TheViews 021BoyceArboretum_TheViews 022BoyceArboretum_TheViews 023BoyceArboretum_TheViews 024BoyceArboretum_TheViews 025BoyceArboretum_TheViews 026BoyceArboretum_TheViews 027BoyceArboretum_TheViews 028BoyceArboretum_TheViews 029BoyceArboretum_TheViews 030BoyceArboretum_TheViews 031BoyceArboretum_TheViews 032BoyceArboretum_TheViews 033BoyceArboretum_TheViews 034BoyceArboretum_TheViews 035BoyceArboretum_TheViews 036BoyceArboretum_TheViews 037BoyceArboretum_TheViews
038BoyceArboretum_TheViews 039BoyceArboretum_TheViews 040BoyceArboretum_TheViews 042BoyceArboretum_TheViews 043BoyceArboretum_TheViews 044BoyceArboretum_TheViews

045BoyceArboretum_TheViews 046BoyceArboretum_TheViews 047BoyceArboretum_TheViews 048BoyceArboretum_TheViews1

Now that you have joined the ranks of married couples, what advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding with your own unique perspective?
Take your time, space out everything so you don’t overwhelm yourself at the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and if you do, make sure you are particular about what you want in case they don’t do it how you want it done. You can be particular without seeming too demanding. Focus on spending your money and time on the things that matter. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make it your OWN. I heard lots of comments when making everything about how it wasn’t “elegant enough,” but at the end of the day everything turned out the way I wanted and the guests seemed to enjoy it all.

Thank you so much Regina and Joe for trusting us with your precious memories and sharing your experience with us. May your days always be filled with sunshine and happiness!!~ Lilet & Glenn

The Wedding Team:

Ceremony venue: Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Reception venue: The Views at Superstition
Bridal Wear: Azteca Bridal
Catering: Straight to the Plate
Florals: Wild Iris Weddings
Cake: Lisa’s Rum Cake
Entertainment: Got You Covered DJ
Photographers: LightRain Images

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Boyce Arboretum Weddings Gold Canyon Wedings Got You Covered Music LightRain Images Weddings Lisa's Rum Cake Phoenix Wedding Photographer Straight to the Plate Catering The Views at Superstition Weddings Wild iris Weddings Wed, 04 Jun 2014 01:03:41 GMT
How to Choose a Wedding Photographer BG__Borkowski205_Lforarticleborder


Choosing a photographer to photograph your wedding may seem like a simple task at first, but when you think about those fleeting emotional moments and how important and significant your wedding experience is, you understand how important it is to choose wisely. You will be entrusting a photographer to capture the happy emotions of your special day for all time and you will be looking at these images for many years. These images should bring back all those wonderful feelings of your special day and the joy of celebrating with those you love. You should be proud to show your breathtaking images to friends and family because one day you will pass these treasures down to your children and grandchildren. Think of your wedding images documenting two families coming together and the birth of a new family, your new family.

ParadiseValleywedding_LightRainImages PhoenixWeddingPhoto_LightRainImges ScottsdaleFairmontPrincessWedding_LightRainImages


Wedding Planning

Contracting for wedding photography service, for the happiest day of your life comes with quite a few decisions and elements to consider. The following is a list of questions to ask yourself when considering the type of service and photographer you want:

· Is high quality, creative and breathtaking photography important to me?
· Do skill levels of professional photographers really vary that much?

· Should I have an engagement shoot in my package?




· How many hours of coverage will I need?
· How many photographers should I have?
· Do I want an album in my photography package?
· Should my contract include prints, digital images or both?
· How important is it for your photographer to have a good personality?
· How much should I budget for photography?


Wedding Photographer

If you love beautiful photographs and appreciate good quality, creative and artistic photos, make sure that you choose your photographer carefully. Take enough time to examine many portfolios and albums and spend enough time getting to know the photographer, their skills, their style and their personality. This is one area of your wedding where you shouldn’t scrimp. If you are on a tight budget, focus on obtaining the best possible coverage and imagery and purchase albums and prints at a later date.
AshleyCstleweddingnightshot_LightRainImages Chandlerwedding_dramaticsky_LightRainImages

There is a wide range of skill levels with professional photographers. Additionally, many photographers profess to be professionals when in reality they photograph part-time on weekends occasionally and hold a day job during the week. These should be considered amateurs wanting to become professionals. It takes a lot of formal training and many dozens of weddings to become proficient in the craft of professional photography. Photographing a few weddings a year is not enough to become a real professional. To confirm that a prospective photographer is a real pro, all wedding photographs in on-line portfolios should be flawless and many complete wedding portfolios should be displayed from many different wedding venues and lighting challenges. A real professional will make couples look breathtaking in all lighting conditions, from bright sun, to the darkest night.


Engagement Pictures

Most professional photographers will recommend an engagement photography session. This will typically be scheduled several months before your wedding. These vary in length and are typically 1-2 hrs long and should allow a clothing change or two and multiple backgrounds in a location meaningful to a couple. An engagement shoot is a great time to get to know your photographer, become relaxed and familiar in front of the camera with posing and the entire photographic process. It should be a fun and relaxing time without hundreds of guests watching your every move. Many couples don’t realize how nervous they can become when they are the center of attention at their wedding. The engagement shoot is a great time to relax and enjoy a photo-shoot which captures two people deeply in love in a casual setting. This can be very romantic and playful.
001PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges 002PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges 003PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges 004PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges 005PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges 006PhoenixEngagementPhotos_LightRainImagges


A good starting point when considering the type of coverage you will need is to consider a rough draft of your wedding timeline for the day. Most brides will want their photographer to arrive about 2 hours prior to the ceremony or earlier and will want them to stay throughout the reception until the key events such as; the cake cutting, bouquet garter toss and send off are finished. A professional will provide a shoot list of typical shots, poses and grouping captured and will allow you to make additions or subtractions to this list far in advance of the wedding.


Most photographers will encourage you to have a minimum of two photographers for wedding coverage. While a good professional photographer can handle a small wedding single handed, there is a great added level of coverage and comfort knowing that several angles or different parts of your wedding are being captured simultaneously. For weddings larger than 200 guests, it is sometimes advisable to add an additional photographer.


Photographers may create a bundle of services which includes an album or an album option. There is a wide range of albums styles with different attributes such as, page size, and thickness, page surfaces and number of pages and types of album covers and binding. Album designs can be anywhere from the most simple to works of art with extensive photo retouching and treatments such as black and white, mixed black and white with color and sepia.


Wedding Images

Wedding photography packages may include prints, digital images or both. Several years ago it was unusual for a photographer to provide digital images with copyright for couples to print and post images on web sites. Now it is more common and there are several versions and ways that photographers provide copyrights to the images. It should be clearly outlined in writing whether you will receive images in high resolution, web resolution, with or without the photographer’s logo, retouched or not. Do you receive all the images or a selection of images? Do you have to buy images or prints? There is no one right mix of prints or digital images, simply be sure that you understand what you will receive so there are no surprises.


You will be spending a lot of time with you photographers on your wedding day. It is important that you feel comfortable that the photographers you choose have friendly dispositions, are flexible and can adapt to changing environments with changing time constraints and potentially stressful situations. A photographer can be the most technically proficient and talented in the world, but if he can’t maintain a friendly disposition in a time crunch or a chaotic situation; he probably isn’t the best wedding photographer. Pick photographers who are friendly and proficient. A real professional will encourage collaboration and frequent, easy flowing communication.


Photography prices vary widely; however, there are many misconceptions about the costs to provide photography services that drive prices. Providing a quality professional photography product takes years of training, experience and a unique set of people and technical skills. Top of the line cameras, lenses, lighting gear, computers and software are expensive and depreciate rapidly. Perhaps the biggest misconception arises if a bride compares the number of hours spent on-site with the professional fee. The actual hours spent on-site photographing the wedding is only a small part of the time invested in creating final works of art for each client. Planning, preparing, consulting and coordinating before the wedding take hours of time and commitment. After a long day of photographing a wedding, the work is just beginning. Typically, for every hour on-site photographing, there are four hours of post-production, downloading, organizing, retouching, archiving and uploading to an on-line proofing gallery, and this is before an album is designed. For complete wedding coverage from a professional photographer you can expect to pay from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on hours of coverage and type of images included. This is without a wedding album. Add from $1,000-$2,500 to your budget if you will be purchasing an album with your package.


In summary, choosing a photographer to photograph your wedding and capture your wedding dreams is very important, but can be very interesting and enjoyable. You can obtain all kinds of ideas for your wedding when browsing a photographer’s on-line galleries and albums. In fact starting your wedding planning by choosing your photographer first can be very advantageous. Before spending travel time you can get an idea for what venues you like, the décor, the flowers, cakes and all types of wedding dresses and clothing styles before you invest the time and gas to drive all over the city.



Hope this was helpful to you, thanks for stopping by! ~ Glenn & Lilet

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The Magic of a Couple’s Grand Entrance and First Dance A bride and groom usually start off the wedding celebrations with their grand entrance and first dance, creating that special, memorable moment they will remember throughout their lives! Since it is so important that each step be made with perfect gracefulness and a touch of weightless elegance, it is not uncommon that the couple considers taking dancing lessons before their special day.

Learning the art of dancing, however, is not meant to only be used for a special event. Couples often enjoy having a romantic evening where dancing is essential to strengthen their relationship, and making it more meaningful.

Choosing the best dance company may, therefore, be a very important step not only for your wedding, but also for ensuring a closer bond with your partner in the future. When you have a favorite song you want to dance to at your wedding, the dance lessons can teach you the best moves to use during your special dance and help you express the magic of your relationship in a beautiful way on the dance floor. is an excellent dance company that specializes in weddings. Their careful instruction has inspired many couples, not only to perform well on the dance floor, but also to express their relationship’s special spark during their first dance. The company’s priority is to make life better and happier through the beautiful practice of dancing, as well as to help couples strengthen their relationships and communicate better.

wedding first danceDance-article

The Guests Enjoying Kim and Drew in Their First Dance

If you’re planning a truly grand entrance at your wedding, you may have a lot of questions about how to approach your dance lessons in the best way, which music to choose or what shoes to wear. Now Chad from will try to answer all those questions and many more in the interview below, for all those who truly want to turn their life into a blissful dance.

What should an engaged couple bring to their dance lessons?

An open mind, a good positive attitude and a willingness to learn. If they’ve selected any songs or are deliberating between a few, this is helpful so that we can demonstrate what steps can be danced to a particular song and also what song(s) are easier or harder to hear.

Why should an engaged couple take dance lessons prior to their wedding?

As long as you treat one another and yourself with respect and kindness, dancing can be one of the most gratifying and relationship-strengthening activities available. We’ve had so many couples tell us how their relationship has improved, their attitudes have become more positive and their confidence has increased.

In today’s fast paced world, it’s nice to take the time to have a “date night” that can last a lifetime. Dancing is a form of self-expression as well as communication. It’s also a vehicle for fun and redirecting yourself and/or your partner’s energy away from life’s challenges.

I sure do hope I see you on the dance floor.

Should the engaged couple already have their wedding song picked out, prior to their lessons?

Some do and some don’t. We teach approximately 700 couples a year and I’d say almost half did not have a song selected and were completely misdirected on what to pick.

Ideally, the instructor would be skilled enough to take a song that is special and means something to the couple and then assists that couple to create a dance that reflects the dynamics and characteristics of the couple. Never let not having a song keep you from having a great dance experience.

Couples that start earlier than 6 months before the wedding have the additional flexibility to splice two songs together, one slow and one fast to add a bit of “spice” to the experience. In addition, couples that start early also have the time to build their dancing skills so they can make a choice to do a Waltz or a Tango or anything else they’d like.

How long should the couple’s first wedding dance last?

Weddings are about the couple and the guests are typically supportive of the couple so if the song lasts 4 minutes, it lasts 4 minutes. Songs that seem “long” can be handled so eloquently by a graceful entrance while the music is playing and a well planned exit. This is where a diagram of the venue is helpful. As the instructor, I would want to know where the couple is entering so we can help them deal with the nervousness of a “long” song and make it comfortable and elegant.

If we were performing at a “dance competition,” 4 minutes can be an eternity unless the material is magnificent. . . or unless the room is filled with people that adore you! Lol. At a dance competition, 2 1/2 minutes is a decent rule of thumb. For your wedding, 3 to 4 minutes for one song and longer if it’s a slow and fast number spliced together or a properly arranged entrance and exit would be fine.

What are some of the most appropriate dance styles for the couple’s first wedding dance?

Again, this is totally about the personality of the couple and so the instructor needs to have the skill to create a truly customized dance for the couple. My hope is that the couple chooses one or more songs that reflect who they are rather than go with a “cookie cutter” approach.

Quite often, what happens as couples learn, is that their guard comes down and the natural movement quality shows up after some decent training.

How many lessons should an engaged couple typically take so they’re prepared for the big day, and what will they learn at these lessons?

There are many factors involved with this: Difficulty of the song, whatever issues one might have about learning to dance, if they buy into the myths of dance, whether they have ever danced and if they seem to have that “special ability” to just pick things up while others take more time.

Everyone has a different comfort level and some become more confident in less time. A good gauge is when the couple can dance through their special song without stopping and independent of the instructor’s coaching and assistance. Also, it’s important to be able to keep going if something unexpected happens . . . just like “real life.”

If an engaged couple starts with something like the 8 week City Of Tempe Wedding Survival Class for only $35 per person for the entire 8 weeks and then a month or two prior to the wedding assess the ability to make it through on their own . . . we can better determine whether more lessons are needed or whether they can coast along.

Our apprentice program at LLC is the only one of its kind and allows a couple to work with a qualified apprentice while also having access to a seasoned instructor and stay within their budget.

If I were to learn to play golf or when I learned to play tennis . . . I had no idea how good I even wanted to be. It’s just like anything that’s worthwhile; it takes time and diligence. I remember playing at least 3 to 4 times a week when my late wife was teaching me tennis. I was a former all- star baseball player that could hit the ball into the next neighborhood, even though that’s not what I meant to do. I remember not liking it. I also remember that, as I got good at it, I definitely enjoyed it much more. This is one of the benefits of starting early, so you have more choices.

Do the bride and groom-to-be both need to attend the dance lessons at the same time?
If not, how do ballroom dance instructors typically work around situations where both people can’t be present for their lessons at the same time?

Though naturally it’s advantageous to have the couple together at least at some point in the instruction, some situations do not lend themselves to this, especially if one partner is in the military and seldom home, living in a different state or simply that the couple’s work schedules are very mismatched.

We’ve had many situations where we’ve taught the couple separately, put together the movements, videotaped the material and used whatever means necessary to help the couple create a memorable, enjoyable and special first dance.

My company had even taught a couple that was in a different state via the internet. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What are the main differences between group and private lessons? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each?

As long as you are in good hands, meaning a good dance instructor/team embarked on a journey to meet your goals. . . BOTH private and group lessons are beneficial. Private lessons naturally will address specific skills of each person and couple. Group lessons will help a couple and/or individual acquire supervised practice with additional instruction at a more economical manner. Eventually we want our wedding couples to be able to dance without the instructor’s prompting. Both are great approaches.

Should the couple wear any specific types of shoes to their lessons?

For the first lesson, comfortable shoes that stay on the foot. Steer away from flip flops and sandals if these are not the shoes you will wear for your wedding dance. There are actual ballroom dance shoes that make dancing easier, just like wearing tennis shoes for playing tennis. As your dancing skills improve, bring shoes that will closely resemble the shoes you will be wearing at the wedding. Ideally, bring the actual shoes. If possible, buy a good pair of ballroom dance shoes.

What is the best way for a couple to select a wedding dance studio and/or an instructor?

This can be very tricky as, unfortunately, there are no “licensing” requirements to advertise yourself as a dance instructor, nor do some “instructors” have the basic skills to handle someone’s learning style. Approximately 5 1/2 years ago, I was working with a couple whose former instructor told the husband-to-be that he had no rhythm. I was astounded as this is a total “myth” and I do not understand why anyone would even think that, let alone say it. This particular gentleman was quite capable AND a musician and this comment, from a so-called “professional,” really set him back rather than assisting him to move forward.

So to answer the question, one way is by word of mouth. Ask around for referrals. Also, if you choose to do a bit of internet surfing to see what comes up – ask good questions like “May I come and observe one of your classes?” “May I speak to a couple of your wedding couples?” “Where did you get your training?” “What inspired you to become a dance instructor and when did you begin?”

There are associations that certify dance instructors who truly ARE professionals in my book. Meaning they study their profession and work on their own dance skills.

Does the couple typically bring their own music to each lesson?

Yes. It is very important that the couple take immediate responsibility for their music. Having their special song on a cd, mp3, ipod or phone and being prepared for anything is a step toward building great habits and also making sure that the DJ, MC or Band has the correct song for the couple and, if not, the couple already has their backup . . . just in case.

What if the bride or groom-to-be is far more experienced in dance than their partner? Is it still possible (and advisable) to take lessons together?

Oh, even better! One of the reasons that a less experienced dancer looks better with a more seasoned dancer is that the more experienced person carries more of the responsibility. The key factor is the attitude and patience of the partner. Remember, this is also a journey in being a great partner on and off the dance floor and how you treat one another matters a lot. Ideally, whether the experience of a partner is more or less – time and budget permitting, taking lessons together and individually is of great benefit.

What types of clothing should students wear to their dance lessons?

For the first lesson, being comfortable and showing up is important. As the lessons progress, we want to simulate the closest possible wardrobe to the actually wedding day. For the groom, this means bringing a jacket, vest and shoes that they will actually be dancing in. The groom’s shoes can be quite slippery and we need to make sure he knows how to deal with, and negotiate, this possible problem.

For the bride, wearing the crinoline resembling the amount and weight of the material she will be dancing in, as well as the length, is also important. This is also true for the groom as there will be some concern about stepping on the dress. Dress makers these days are becoming more educated in the need for a well bustled dress that the bride can rest assured will stay on and not worry about it “falling.” If the dress is strapless and there is concern about raising the arms or what will happen when she dips, it’s also vital to address this issue.

How far in advance should a couple start taking dance lessons before the big day?

This varies with couples typically because time can get away from you. We’ve had couples begin as early as 18 months and as late as the day before. Naturally the couple that planned ahead is going to appear and feel much more confident and rhythmic on the dance floor. We’ve noticed that a decent average is 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding and ideally sooner so that their bodies and really “feel” the movement quality. If every couple gave us 6 to 12 months, we’d invite them on stage to perform their dance at the Bridal Fashion Debut.

Is a wedding dance usually a choreographed/pre-planned routine?

Yes, absolutely. It certainly makes a big difference and alleviates the nervousness to have something “pre-planned.” Though it would be nice to be so skilled they can, in fact, go off the cuff, this is not usually the case, so it certainly helps to have a game plan. The grooms we’ve taught exhibit a sigh of relief when they’ve been able to map out on paper, or on a video lesson, exactly what they are going to do and when. They truly wish to present their bride in the best positive light.

Contact information

wedding first danceDancewChad_LightRainImages0097 organizes group workshops as well as private and semi-private coaching with these world-class dancers and dance teachers. They’ll teach you how to dance and also will guide you in setting up a positive mindset and attitude so that you will be able to learn to dance.

Contact Chad now at (602)-549-1916 or email your enquiries to him at [email protected]. He’ll assist you with your first dance, provide the instruction you need to look good and present confidence on the wedding day.

Your wedding day is the time to shine, delight your guests with  your choreographed  first dance as husband and wife.  It will be well worth the time and effort, and an elegant addition to the most important day of your lives!


Thank you for reading and stopping by! ~ Glenn & Lilet

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Planning Your Honeymoon – Avoiding Costly Mistakes Thanks to Sharon Millar for the following valuable information:

Planning a honeymoon in today’s travel world can be confusing, intimidating and time consuming at best. Using a good qualified Travel Agent can take the confusion out of planning that vacation or honeymoon and can save you money in the process.

In booking vacation packages, Travel Agents use well known travel suppliers such as Apple Vacations, GOGO Worldwide Vacations and others. Because of the volume of vacation packages, provided by these travel suppliers, prices will, in most cases, be less than you can purchase directly from the hotel or resort. Combine that with airfare and transfers and you will end up with a package price significantly less than trying to piece everything together yourself. Contrary to popular belief, a travel Agent does not add an additional fee to the supplier’s package price. In many cases the Agent will be able to take advantage of unpublished specials and discounted prices.

How many times have you tried to research resorts or hotels only to find that each resort or hotels website makes them all look like they are 5 star and that all of them claim to satisfy your every vacation desire?

Cancun beachEFE_5389webshrp

 The Caribbean Sea from the bridal suite at our recent destination wedding – Playa Del Carmen

I read resort and hotel reviews all the time and am constantly amazed at the number of bad reviews that show that the resort or hotel in question may not be a bad resort or hotel but that the traveler chose the wrong one based on their vacation requirements. This is another area where a good qualified Travel Agent can help. By asking a few questions, a Travel Agent can get a good idea what your vacation requirements are and using their firsthand knowledge of the resorts, hotels and destinations they specialize in, match those requirements to provide the perfect vacation. 

This leads us to the next issue, each resort and hotel will specialize in a different type of clientele. Resorts and hotels are not something that fit into the “one size fits all” category. You also have to deal with the fact that all resort and hotel websites will make them look as if they were rated 5 stars and satisfy every vacation requirement. Think about it. If you owned a 2 star resort and developed a website for that resort, would you make it look like a 2 star resort or a 5 star resort?

The last, and one of the most important things a good qualified Travel Agent can provide is customer service. How many times have we made our own travel plans , had a problem, and then had to deal directly with the airline or a hotel. Here is where the good qualified Travel Agent can step in for you, deal with the airline or the hotel, and using the industry contacts they have, make alternative arrangements, solve problems, day and night, when you are on vacation, and deal with issues when you return, all for no additional charge! To use the often used phrase “without a Travel Agent, you are truly on your own”.

Lastly, how do you find a good qualified Travel Agent? When contacting a Travel Agent you should ask a few qualifying questions. How long have you been in the Travel Business? Do you specialize in a particular type of vacation, all inclusive resorts, Europe, Hawaii, etc.? Have you visited and spent time at the resorts or destinations you specialize in? One question you should ask, but is not often asked, is, how much time are you willing to spend with me to make sure I receive the vacation I am looking for? I say this because most of the large volume travel houses allow their reps to only spend a certain number of minutes with each client because to them quantity of business is more important than quality. Another good indicator is the vibe you get when speaking with the travel agent. Do I feel comfortable speaking and working with this person? Do they sound excited to be working with me? Do they appear to know what they are talking about? A good Travel Agent is not looking to make one sale but rather develop a relationship with a client that is ongoing.  For more information the website is .

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Interviewing a Wedding Officiant? – Bring Lots of Questions! If there is anyone who knows couples and their wedding officiant needs, its Larry James, who provided the following excellent ideas for couples choosing an officiant.

I recently had a meeting with a couple who was searching for the right wedding officiant. I was impressed.

Never having been married before, they brought a list of questions that helped both of us to get to know each other better. They interviewed me, not the other way around. Some of their questions led to discussions of other areas of the ceremony that kept the conversation centered on what they needed to know to make an informed decision.


Write down ideas for questions whether they make sense or not. A professional wedding officiant will be willing to answer all of your questions. If you have never hired a wedding officiant or minister before, you may not know what questions to ask. Here are a few questions you might consider asking:

• How flexible is the wedding officiate to changing parts of the ceremony that you may not like?
• Will they permit you to write some of your own vows? (I call them, “Personal Promises!)
• What is the process for creating your ceremony?
• Is there anything that they will not say or do?
• How many wedding ceremonies have they performed?
• Have they ever been late for or missed a wedding?
• How many weddings do they perform in an average year?
• Do they have a “back-up” in case of extreme illness of emergency?
• Talk about your spiritual faith so the officiant can adjust the ceremony accordingly.
• Will they marry you if you are of different faiths?
• Will the wedding officiant perform “theme” weddings?
• Are there any restrictions as to your attire, or the bridal party’s attire?
• Who gave them the right to perform wedding ceremonies in your state?
• Can they legally perform wedding ceremonies in your state.
• What are their spiritual beliefs? (Be sure to tell them what YOUR spiritual beliefs are and ask if they will make changes to honor your beliefs)
• Will the ceremony be a religious, non-denominational or secular ceremony?
• Will the ceremony be traditional or non-traditional?
• Will they provide a little light-hearted humor if that is what you want?
• Do they require premarital or religious classes? Is relationship coaching available, if you want it? What are those requirements?
• Are they qualified to offer premarital relationship coaching if you want it?
• What is their fee? Do they require a deposit to secure the date? Does the fee include the rehearsal?
• When is the balance of the fee due? What forms of payment do they accept?
• Are there any hidden charges?
• How many meetings will be necessary to finalize the words in the ceremony?
• Do they attend the rehearsal dinner and the reception, if invited?
• Will they give a blessing or prayer before the meal at the reception?
• How will they be dressed? Will they wear a suit or a robe?
• If you have children, do they have some creative ideas of ways to include them in the ceremony?
• Do they have a “Refund Proceedure or Cancelation Prceedure and is it part of the agreement?
• Do they have references that they are willing to share with you?
• Would they allow another Officiant, Minister/Rabi or Priest to take part in the ceremony?
• Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?
• What kind of microphone does the officiant perfer?
• Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?
• How accessible/responsive are you by phone and by e-mail?
• Do they work well with other wedding vendors? Will they recommend other wedding vendors?
• If you have been living together, be sure to ask if they will preform your ceremony.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding, not the wedding officiant’s or the minister’s. There are no stupid questions. Ask about whatever you want to know.

The couple I referred to above got all their questions answered and the meeting ended with them presenting me with a deposit to secure the time and date of their wedding.

If the vendor does not have a written agreement (contract) you might be wise to hire someone who does. All the details of the wedding should be covered.

Go with your gut feeling or intuition. If it feels right and your personalities click, hire them.

This is your very special day. It will only happen once. A lackluster minister or wedding officiant with a boring ceremony – like most of the others you’ve heard – can leave the guests cold and uninspired. They should be the very best you can hire. I know its cliché, but you really do get what you pay for. Perhaps the primary deciding factor should be a wedding officiant/minster performs the most memorable and unique wedding ceremony for you and your guests and what other extras do they offer in their package that other ministers do not. You will enjoy the comfort and assurance of knowing you are contracting with a first-class minister who comes with professional experience, impeccable integrity, commendable references, a gentle and enthusiastic spirit and a subtle, but delightful sense of humor (hmmm, sounds like a description of Larry James). ;-)icon_wink

I would never recommend that you make your decision to hire a wedding officiant or minister on price alone. There are numerous other areas that you can cut back on when the $$s are tight.

Ask yourselves: Do we feel comfortable with this person? Is there a clear green light to engage their services? If not, don’t move forward until all your questions or concerns are completely resolved. Often, just talking about your concerns with the officiant or minister will help you be clear.


The busiest months for weddings in the Greater Phoenix area are: March, April & May and October, November & December. The summers in Arizona are often too warm for outdoor weddings. That’s when couples book their wedding indoors.

Choice dates book quickly. If the wedding officiant is good their schedule is most likely very busy. Why does that matter to you? If you wait to book them, the date of your wedding could be booked by someone else before you offer a deposit to secure the date. In the Greater Phoenix area this happens frequently, especially after a bridal show or during the busy season.

Copyright © 2013 – Larry James. Reprinted with permission. – This article is adapted from Larry’s Wedding Website and Wedding Blog. Larry James is an award winning Wedding Officiant, professional speaker, relationship coach and is the author of, “How to Really Love the One You’re With: Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship,” “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing” and “Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers.” Larry performs the most “romantic” wedding ceremony you will ever find anywhere.  Contact:, P.O. Box 12695, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695. &

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Phoenix Wedding Photographer: Engagement Sign-In Book

[email protected] (LightRain Images Photography) Engagements Tue, 03 Jun 2014 19:58:16 GMT
Wedding Photographer Phoenix: Myths of Wedding Photography 37_LightRainImages_NguyenED

LightRain Images, a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, has photographed hundreds of weddings in Arizona, the United States and around the world and while meeting with couples interested in wedding photography we have heard many myths and misconceptions. We have been able to save our clients a lot of stress and money with our friendly advice.  The following are the most common myths we hear:

  • Choose a beautiful venue and  your wedding pictures will look good because the venue is pretty - While a beautiful venue is important, it is much less important for photographs than many brides realize.  An experienced professional photographer can make a couple look breathtaking even in a simple venue.  However, an inexperienced wedding photographer will find it difficult to make a couple look good, even in the most attractive surroundings.  When planning your wedding budget, consider your expenditures in light of the life-time value of each element.  Photographs are the only expenditure that increases in value over the years.  You will love your photos and as the years go by you will come to treasure these works of art and proudly pass them down through generations.
  • Put little disposable cameras on every table to capture fun, candid shots of your reception – this is usually a very disappointing experience for couples.  Disposable cameras take disposable quality pictures – especially being used by amateur partiers who have little interest in capturing quality candid imagery.  Our advice is save your money or spend it on anything else, you’ll be much happier.   Professional photographers have high quality lighting and high resolution cameras for a reason.  Additionally, professionals are experienced in capturing fun and candid situations as well as facilitating the fun interaction between you and your guests.
  • Hiring the most expensive photographer guarantees quality – while generally speaking, you get what you pay for, there are some photographers who promote themselves as the most expensive, to create snob appeal and create the illusion of being the best available.  Although you should plan to spend $3,000-$5,000 for coverage by a great photographer.  If a photographer’s starting prices are $6,000+ you might want to look elsewhere.
  • A family member or college friend can take wedding pictures – Uncle Bob may have been a photography hobbyist for years or your college friend may have a great new expensive camera she is learning how to use, but take it from many disappointed brides, it takes a large eclectic bundle of skills to be a great professional wedding photographer.  We start with formal education in lighting, cinematography and photography, add top of the line digital cameras, lenses and lighting gear, mix in years of experience working in chaotic stressful wedding environments, add a full-time graphics design team to enhance and retouch images and you have professional photography company.  Don’t risk it for a “bargain”.  These are your wedding pictures and can’t be redone.
  • You can look at a couple of dozen pictures on a photographer’s web site and can tell if they are good and like their style -  Remember, that every photographer puts their best foot forward and of course the pictures on the web site, especially the first slide show or portfolios will look great.  You need to dig deeper and look at many complete weddings and album designs.  Look at the quality of imagery in all types of lighting; bright outdoor images, dim indoor lighting, ambient lighting and dark night.  Look at images from a wide range of angles, distances and macro shots. All of the images should be consistently sharp, properly exposed and compelling.  If any seem a little off or out of focus, don’t waste your time, remember this is a photographer’s best work, if the best work isn’t great; your images probably won’t be any better and might be worse.
  • Wedding photography seems to cost a lot for just clicking away with an expensive camera – There are a lot of hidden costs to wedding photography.  Expensive cameras are just the start.  Computer and software, education, training and advertising, lenses and lighting, employees, website hosting and electronic storage are just a few items.  For every hour on site there are 3-4 hours behind the scenes in post production processing, retouching and organizing your images and that is before an album design takes place.
  • All you need is someone good at Photoshop and you can have great wedding pictures -   If the original image capture is poor, splashing on contrast or color isn’t going to make your images any better unless you are looking for abstract art.  What you really want is a company that captures the finest imagery in the correct lighting focus and exposure and has graphic designers highly trained in retouching and enhancing imagery to create works of art with you and your wedding party featured in the middle of the art.
  • Plan for and choose major vendors before photography – On the contrary it makes a lot of sense to start your wedding planning with the end result in mind.  Because your photographic imagery is what you will have for the rest of your life and beyond as you pass them down through the generations, it makes sense to look around at who will provides the most dramatic, compelling imagery.  Additionally, a professional wedding photographer will have many examples of wedding venues and locations for you to see in various lighting and décor to provide you with ideas to choosing a wedding location, florist and other professionals.  Lastly, popular dates with great photographers get booked out a year or more in advance, so you might want to check availability as soon as possible.
  • Tell your photographer what poses and looks you like on the wedding day and direct the photographer to take the images the way you like them – This a recipe for disappointment.  Brides typically have no idea of the stress and excitement (happy chaos) on the day of the wedding and attempting to remember a shoot list is difficult.  Your photographer needs to know in advance the type of photography you like and the combinations of poses and groups of friends and relatives that you want.  A good photographer will discuss a shoot list with you and will encourage collaboration well in advance of your wedding. An experienced photographer will not how to direct and pose you in natural looking ways.

For more tips like these and examples of professional wedding photography contact us at  or on Facebook

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The Power of Music When couples come to us for a consultation, the DJ is  usually the next vendor on their list.  We find that most couples don’t know what they want to do for their wedding in terms of the program line-up right after the grand entrance.  We asked our good friend and in our book, one of the  great DJs in the wedding industry for insight into how to plan your wedding music and program to make it fun.   Thank you Ray Grace, of Ray the DJ, for sharing these helpful tips.

The right song played at just the right time can make us smile or cry.  A melody can bring back memories and help us re-experience myriad moments in time.  The music played at your wedding will create memories for all who share this most special day with you.

Imagine your wedding as a movie.  You and your fiancee help write the script (itinerary of events) and your deejay is the music director.  Here is a checklist to help you create a most memorable soundtrack:

1. Compile a list of the music you and your fiancee both enjoy.  Sometimes a bride-to-be forgets to ask her fiancee what he would like to hear.  Remember, it’s his wedding  too. Your deejay should be able to provide a list of songs to help in your selection.

2. Write down the songs that your friends and family enjoy.  Remember the good times you’ve had and what songs were a part of them.  Consider the respective ethnic backgrounds and think of songs that will help even Grandma “get her groove back.”

3. Put together a list of the music you both DO NOT want played.  Let your deejay know in advance whether the Macarena, Chicken Dance, and Hokey Pokey will be heard at your reception.  Also, note general types of music e.g. heavy metal, that you wish not to be played.


4.  Highlight or mark with an asterisk your top 15 “must hear” songs.  If you provide your deejay a list of thirty songs and 15 are highlighted, he will definitely play the top 15 and incorporate the other songs as appropriate.  On average, 65 – 70 songs can be played at a 4 hour reception.

5.  Allow for spontaneous requests from your guests.  Hearing a song often brings to mind other songs.  This will happen at your reception.  Your guests will make requests, and the reception will take on a life and personality of its own.  Enjoy it, allow yourself to be a part of it, and have fun!

6.  Trust your deejay.  Music planning is essential, however, avoid trying to control each and every second of music.  This puts your deejay in a musical straight jacket.  An experienced deejay knows the best time to play the requests and will know what songs will make the reception even better than you imagined.




Music has the power to create life-long memories of your wedding.  Thoughtfully choose your music, then entrust that power to an experienced, professional deejay.

For more information contact Ray or Barbara at Ray the DJ, a Phoenix wedding DJ,  at

Thanks for stopping by and we hope this article was helpful to you.  Happy planning! ~ Glenn & Lilet

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Chandler Arizona Wedding Photographer| Noah’s Event Center |~ Kasey & Trevor’s Wedding Photos   01NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages

Kasey & Trevor‘s Chandler, Arizona wedding and reception was held at Noah’s Event Center, just a couple of blocks from our Chandler photography studio. This relatively new banquet hall boasts several modern rooms: a huge main hall that can fit 250 guests; a groom’s room equipped with a theater, comfy leather seats and pool table; a bride’s room that is a spacious modern board room with a full length mirror and antique looking armoire.

Kasey and Trevor’s color motifs were green and grey, these elegant colors were incorporated into the flowers, the ceremony décor, the elegant centerpieces and fun sweets table.  We had so much fun working with this couple and their very energetic bridal party.  

As this couple had a lot of relatives on both sides, they decided to have a “First Look” prior to the ceremony to get all the formals out of the way. It worked out well and they were even able to enjoy a little bit of the cocktail party, at least Trevor did while I did more bridal portraits of Kasey.

What I remember most about this wedding is the bride’s sophisticated veil, the tattoo on her right shoulder which is a photo of her grandparents (!) and their adorable cake topper!

02NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 03NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 04NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 05NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 06NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 07NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 08NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 09NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 10NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 11NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 12NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 13NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages


15NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 16NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages

wedding centerpieces14NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages During the evening program, the couple surprised their guests with a thoughtfully done wedding slideshow presentation using their personal photos from their dating days (Trevor is a hairdresser and Kasey is a make-up artist)  and our Phoenix engagement photos that we shot with them a few months before.  They also used the images from our downtown Phoenix Engagement Session at Lucky Strike for the reception display and table cards as a thank you to guests for coming to their wedding.


wedding cupcakes18NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages

19NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages 20NoahsEventCenter_ChandlerWedding_LightRainImages

Congratulations to Kasey & Trevor! Thank you so much for trusting us with your precious wedding photography!  ~ Lilet & Glenn

The Wedding Team:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Noah’s Event Center
Catering: Arizona Event Catering
Bartending: Portable Pubs

Videographer: DHC Videography
Florals: Butterfly Petals
Cake: Mind Over Batter
DJ & Photobooth: Music by Bryan
Coordinator:  Denise Lothspeich (also help form Noah’s staff)
Photographers: LightRain Images


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