Phoenix Wedding Photography Pricing
We approach your wedding photography with the philosophy that capturing imagery that makes you feel loved and celebrated by friends and loved ones is the most important part of your special day and should be captured with great care, exceptional creativity and fun!

How many things in your wedding budget will be around 20 or 30 years from now?  Will you be glad that you spent a lot on your party favors, or rode in a limo from your house to the wedding venue? How long do you plan on keeping your wedding photographs?

Few things in your wedding increase in value over time. Classic, timeless, high quality imagery never loses its value and in fact will become more valuable with time. You will love your wedding pictures when you first see them and will relive that feeling of excitement and celebration of your special day as the memories come flooding back over you. You will come to treasure the photos as the years go by and each time you view and share your album and photographs those special moments will be relived again and again. More than just about any other part of your wedding, your wedding photography should be considered a long-term investment because of its life-time value.  We feel we owe our customers to charge enough to provide the quality of professional services that we would like to receive if we were getting married again, ourselves.

We have a wide range of packages from $2,495 through $4,998 (more for multi-day cultural weddings),  however, we can help you build your own custom package with options such as video, extra hours, albums, clone albums, etc.

Our unique philosophy guides our approach and techniques to provide that not only will you be delighted at the first look at your wedding photographs, but you will be proud to show off your breathtaking and timeless images for many years to come. Fifty years from now you will be proud to show your grandchildren your wedding photographs and album and pass these family heirlooms down through generations.   Email for a quote [email protected] because popular dates may get booked a year or more out. 

Call or email for family portraits, executive head shots or high school senior packages.  We have many to choose from.